Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones with Calista Flockhart
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones with Calista Flockhart
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones with Calista Flockhart. Harrison and Calista. Happy Birthday Indy
Member reactions:
wawaw... nice idea, i like it and the job is clean, great...especially the lighting effects, i like it Well done
Excellent work its so smooth as silk very well done nice blend with good effects of fire and the light
This is so clever. How you turned Calista into a whip is supa.
Silver whips and chains for vic. Congrats.
Congrats, on the Silver....vicspa. Awesome work......

Funny Calista Flockhart Facelift

Calista Flockhart Facelift

Funny Calista Flockhart Upside Down

Calista  Flockhart Upside Down
Calista Flockhart

Funny Calista Flockhart Vampire

Calista Flockhart Vampire
Member reactions:
How'd you like to meet up with HER in some dark 'Ally'.
Still a little too fat. ... Just kidding. Very nice.
Really good. I especially like the stringy saliva.
"I tell everyone the teeth stains are from smoking. "

Funny Flockhart Admits Eating Disorder

Flockhart Admits Eating Disorder
Member reactions:
I noticed under "Top Images by Views" the most popular images by far are those of skinny women made fat, however they actually look fat. Calista doesn't look too fat, if you wanted it to be more convincing you would have had to do some work on the face.

Funny Calista Flockhart

Calista Flockhart
Member reactions:
Very nice.

Funny Pizza Flockhart

Pizza Flockhart
Looks like they should pay her with a few slices.
Member reactions:
I think this is brilliant, very subtle. She looks as if she needs a good feed.

Funny Calista Flockhart's Dog

Calista Flockhart's Dog
Member reactions:
life as it must be all dogs have there days

Funny Fat Calista Flockhart

Fat Calista Flockhart
I think she looks better now.
Member reactions:
Looks like she borrowed her ass from J-Lo

Funny Calista Flockhart Doll

Calista Flockhart Doll
New for 2004.
Member reactions:
You know, I wouldn't mind stretching her.

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