American Floaters
American Floaters
American Floaters. American Gothic
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Thank You Rajeshstar, MsgtBob, Wanderer and Gummy.

Funny Fidel Floater

Fidel Floater
Ahoy, Maties, it's the maiden voyage of the Fidel Floater. View full for maximum effect.
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A stunning image, especially in full view, but doesn't exactly suggest a Cuban flight vehicle - to me it looks like it's sitting on the bottom of the pool rather than floating.
I agree UB, great image. Also agree that you can't really flee from anywhere via a swimming pool. I want the hat. I know someone who would look great in it. Captain somethin or other..
I must be wrong...I guess this is a waterbound method of transportation that cubans could use to flee from Miami. I think maybe I need to just step back for a while, I obviously have no clue what's going on here.

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