Last Flight of Vladimir Putin
Last Flight of Vladimir Putin
Last Flight of Vladimir Putin. Member reactions:
The life Aquatic. I am an absolute fan. Great adaption.

Funny Low Cost Flight

Low Cost Flight

Funny Men Hanging Onto the Wheel of Economy Light Plane Flights

Men Hanging Onto the Wheel of Economy Light Plane Flights

Funny Obama Wearing a Flight Suit Powered By Bush's Beans

Obama Wearing a Flight Suit Powered By Bush's Beans
Member reactions:
Congrats Doc. I like the message. Most people don't get enough fibre in their diet, .
Congrats on the silver, Paul. Love the squirrel.

Funny The Last Flight of the Butterfly

The Last Flight of the Butterfly
A Butterfly's Final Flight Back to Ash No Topaz filters were used. Only the default filters of PS5. The reduce noise filter created the texture on the butterfly.
Member reactions:
Thanks, Raj. Great alternative title. I like it. "Struggle" is now in the title.
Like a lot, but white line surrounding left side.
Thanks, Joan, Swash, and Hobbit. I suppose it's just a matter of preference. But I like the white line and I left it. Seems to be more abstract than anything else to me. So I went with what looked good to me. Great question Hobbit
Thanks Balo, Hits, and Lu. 4 or 5 layers of texture with various different treatments...Hope I can remember how it's done...
Hmmm thought this one might make it too. You just never know. It is excellent fo sur
Thanks Gummy. Thanks very much Hits. It was inching it's way up...a couple of more hours and a couple more votes...then maybe I am pleased with the number of great comments. Thanks Everyone.
Very well put together, and hopefully you will remember what you did, and do it again.
Cool work, Splat. Puts me in a dark mood too. Makes me wonder what mood you were in when you chopped this
Thanks, Very Much Newsy. I hadn't thought about it, but your right. The chop does reflect some very sad news we received right around the time of this picture.

Funny Obama Surveillance Flights Over Syria

Obama Surveillance Flights Over Syria
Surveillance flights over Syria
Member reactions:
Could be the three monkies, but are four.
The way you did the ears and eyes on the plane really make this a great chop

Funny Monkey Politicians Flight Training Camp

Monkey Politicians Flight Training Camp
Member reactions:
. The main advise to astronauts: feed the monkeys and don't touch any buttons.
Exactly like you said, don't touch anything.
You managed to include everything hahahahaha . Good job.

Funny Cape Boy's Test Flight

Cape Boy's Test Flight
Flying is easy. Landing is hard.
Member reactions:
I like addition of the scarf...places your subject into the scene.
Yes, this is very clever. The scarf really adds to it too
Thanks. by the way, am I the only one who thinks "mirror boy" is a girl named Amy. Or is it a new thing for boys to put a girl's name on your shirt.
You're probably right, but then again, maybe that's why he/she is so happy - because his/her girlfriend signed his/her shirt.

Funny Flight 370 Lost in the Sea

Flight 370 Lost in the Sea
It has been nearly 11 weeks since flight 370 disappeared from the sky with 239 souls aboard and this airliner must be found, at all costs. What happens next in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
Member reactions:
Seems like we have the technology-what's the delay.
I wish for there wellness..
Wonderful chop to remind us of the horrible tragedy that carried away the lives of 239 people

Funny First Cosmonaut Flight to Mars

First Cosmonaut Flight to Mars
Kremlin Comedy Club
Member reactions:
Amusing chop....curious sponsor (Mars Donald's)
Freaking great satire. The feet are yucky.
Daem nice looking chop hahaha, good fun and congrats on the woody

Funny Flight Deck Sailors

Flight Deck Sailors
This Monday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. This is a speed contest with only 12 hours for submissions. Photoshop this image of the flight deck sailors any way you wish (image credit: US Navy / Mate Airman Andre Rhoden). Some examples are - showing what other Navy assignments these sailors could do, who else can unexpectedly appear on the flight deck, using this image in movie posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Santa Claus Flight

Santa Claus Flight
What will Santa's flight be like this year? Will he have a new sleigh? Maybe it's time Santa change his method of transportation? Create images that involve Santa's delivery of Christmas gifts this year. This is a broad contest, and it's Christmas so there will be great latitude in what will be accepted! Merry Christmas to all, and to all... a good chop!

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