Flee The Bird
Flee The Bird
Flee The Bird. Member reactions:
Dang good time to run... OO Thanks for the pic, D.

Funny Fleeing Scientists

Fleeing Scientists
D-man and pcrdds fleeing from a crazed malfuctioning Robot. ( PLEASE VIEW IN FULL SIZE)
Member reactions:
Sweet. Danger Will Robinson. or in this case D-man and pcrdds.
This is really an Awesome chop, like the way the scientist fire a laser glare at a girl great lighting effects and nice vehicle used here
Funny stuff nepaguyBW Nice work on the faces.
Thanks, a lot everyone for the kind words.....I enjoyed making this one too.

Funny Metal Balls Fleeing Museum

Metal Balls Fleeing Museum

Funny Mubarak Flees Cairo With Money

Mubarak Flees Cairo With Money
Member reactions:
They said it. The wind is here also a very nice touch
Great, great job. Love the one bare foot.
Run Mubarak, run. I like how you made this a dynamic composition with the central elements in motion. and you even made him lose a shoe in his escape. How he carries and loses the antiques is a nice touch especially considering the news that lots of stuff has now been missing from the Cairo's museums
So true that the billions he has tucked away is US foreign aid money.
Thx Mac, Evirio, kratos, Goat, pcrdds, Newsy and Deaddog. Yup, 50-60 billion in greenbacks.
The X-Man does it again. Gold congrats, Xaos.
ok, one camel, 3 gallons of gas, and 1000 dollars, this is my last bribe offer, take it or leave it congrats on the gold X.mate
Xaos54. GREAT work... congratulations..
Congrats on the win, X-man. As a bonus you get some Egyptian antiques that Mubarak lost on his journey
Thank you Evirio, Preee and Newsy. Salis- throw in 4 hairy chested belly dancers and its a deal. thanks mate.
you got ur self a deal Mr. just wait till I call my cousins
Salis- can't wait to meet your cousins Thank you ArchNemesiS and daJunior.

Funny Tourists Flee From Massive Dust Storm

Tourists Flee From Massive Dust Storm
The entire area is now a giant dust bowl.
Member reactions:
great athmosphere. Maybe sharpen the dude in the forground for maximum awesomeness.
great work megatronic keep up nice works
I do appreciate the positive encouragement... thanks.

Funny Gaddafi Fleeing Libya

Gaddafi Fleeing Libya
Member reactions:

Funny Fleeing the Tornado

Fleeing the Tornado
My first chop made totally from scratch. Please view in HIGH RESOLUTION. Used a cool tutorial. Link: http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/photo-effects-tutorials/create-a-devastating-twister-with-photo-manipulation-techniques/

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