Flavio the Centaur
Flavio the Centaur
Flavio the Centaur. Active ingredients: Pre-digested carrots, Bermuda grass, oats, hay, some green stuff from a pond, Amaretto, ejecta and Fabio sweat. Inactive ingredients: Apathetic microorganisms.
Member reactions:
Excellent. Nice to Fabio who always looks good.
TY Nanny, JimShorts, balodiya, aintchicken
Fabio is fabulas ,, ... Congrats Hitss..
Quality work, but I feel the cliche like his redneck teeth is unnecessary - it takes away from this top chop for me
Then you really wouldn't have liked the original with the huge horse teeth Vlad, (not redneck) Sorry that little addition got misinterpreted, it might have made you chuckle. Thanks Pree, JS, and Kellie
Congratulations. Lots of great chops in this contest and yours is one.
... Ha. Now We Know Secret to a Fabio physique.

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