Parrot Dressed in an American Flag
Parrot Dressed in an American Flag
Parrot Dressed in an American Flag. Member reactions:
Beautiful and so well done. Excellent work.

Funny Barack Obama Set Fire to American Flag

Barack Obama Set Fire to American Flag
Member reactions:
Might as well put some of that 'Hot Air' to use-eh.
the whole heat from inside is getting out and awesome posture of him used to show that fire
Congrads on the effort. to hot to handle, u now on NSA radar.
What can you say other than Bwhahahahahahahahahah
The good news is it is a nice chop, the bad news is that this is how he really feels.

Funny Flying Beaver with a Canadian Flag

Flying Beaver with a Canadian Flag
Member reactions:
This makes me feel patriotic....excellent work
Good to see the breed holding the flag Creative thinking
This happens only on Canada Day.... Awesome chop with wings attached to Rodent so it can take the flag higher
Picturesque composition, Congratulations winning the Silver Hobbit
I'm a Canadian......and I definitely approve. GREAT WORK.
Silver congrats, hobbit. This is a Canadian flying miracle.

Funny Lil Wayned Tramples on Flag

Lil Wayned Tramples on Flag
Rapper Lil Wayne tramples on Old Glory
Member reactions:
Not only that his shirt is dissing Christians. Jesus almighty, does this idiot want to get shot or what. Good chop, lousy story, my god. What an azzho....swing batter.
Appreciate your thoughts and the compliment HitMan.
Thanks NewsMaster, really appreciate your opinion and comment.

Funny American Flag Tulip Field

American Flag Tulip Field
Member reactions:
pcrdds, Well you recognized as a flag right. I am a true patriot, but our politicians are cowards and blind.
A lovely concept to use Tulips to staged so beautifully like a flag to honor it good job done
Rajeshstar, Thanks, I appreciate that you liked the concept and recognized that I was honoring our flag.
not out flags colors but nice layout.....
Badseed, Thanks for the compliment of my layout.
ericnorthend, Thanks for the compliment on my piece.
Newsmaster, I appreciate it. Still trying.

Funny Judge with Elvira Wrapped in an American Flag

Judge with Elvira Wrapped in an American Flag
Member reactions:
Save the country and save our girls from being undress... Flag wrapped to save the modesty of women.... nice chop with some good caricatures
Just another jury pick a 6, this is what 6 looks like.
Well done madness from the master of silliness.

Funny Hillary Clinton as Miss Piggy with American Flag

Hillary Clinton as Miss Piggy with American Flag
Member reactions:
Very well wrapped... She looks awesome as a piggy ears on her head
Miss Piggy is an American ikon. Hillary is a piece of work./ Nice job, though I must confess to being torn. Lol.
Congratulations Wanderer... Silver... ; )
Great satire, Wanderer. Congtrats on the silver.
Thank you. I did not expect trophy for that contest. Thank you Hillary.
HiLLarious.. Congrats on the silver Wanderer..
Wanderer, Congrats on the silver. The ears are the Best.

Funny Kissing American Flag

Kissing American Flag
Klimt : The kiss
Member reactions:
Here is to hoping your Klimt does better than mine did. *clink.* Nice job. ; )
Thanks. Thank you Bmore, could a "kiss" do better than "Judith". who knows.... I hope Klimt is not too upset in his grave for what we do, Lol

Funny Barack Obama's Flag

Barack Obama's Flag
The truth be known.
Member reactions:
Amazing use of source, obama is perfect here
Truth to power baby. That's what I'm talkin bout. ; )

Funny American Eagle Flag

American Eagle Flag
God Bless Us All
Member reactions:
Well done in putting the flag colors in her fur good one

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