Big Five
Big Five
Big Five. Bear Grylls escape from big five africans
Member reactions:
i'm pretty sure this will end with grylls eating something disgusting.
perhaps they will be the big five to eat something disgusting ghgh

Funny They have only five loaves of bread and two fishes for Russians

They have only five loaves of bread and two fishes for Russians
Member reactions:
At Least two Russian Rotenberg Brothers are not hungry
Good choice of sources. They all fit well.

Funny Another Five

Another Five

Funny Larry King Sets Five Track Records

Larry King Sets Five Track Records
100 year old sets 5 world track records
Member reactions:
Amazing work done here. Nice reflection too. Best of luck
Congrats 2-4 places, Paul. We have to setup limit for loading pictures from you. Just kidding.
Larry King is immortal methinks. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, balodiya, Gummy, Andrew and Newsy.
Congrats on the Silver, Bronze, and Wood.

Funny High Five!

High Five!
Nothing to see here. Supreme Court's Obamacare Decision
Member reactions:
Hahaha the portrait on the wall.

Funny Orangutan with Five Eyes

Orangutan with Five Eyes

Funny The Fantastic Five Michael Chiklis

The Fantastic Five Michael Chiklis
Member reactions:
Thank you NewsMaster, i'm pretty proud of it.

Funny Five Old Things For Christmas

Five Old Things For Christmas
View large Please. This is ALL chopped.
Member reactions:
Stunning work with totally Christmas colors and spirit.
Amazing Collection and very well executed.. Best of luck
Great idea to put all these old toys togather. Very impressive colours.
Its a Christmas crowd seen here... full of glittering stars and decorated Xmas tree looks awesome.. The celebration just begin and Santa is coming to cheer up the joy
I won, I won.. Oh , you all really do love me.... that was my best Jim Carey impression... Thank you Newsey, Balodiya, Luciano --> yeah, I have been really saturating the chops lately, and Eric. Merry Xmas to those of you that celebrate it and a happy holiday season to the rest of you folks that wish you did just to get the cool presents hahaahahah, That's true huh. ... XXOOOOOO Love you all
Golden Christmas toys for Hitzzzzman. Congrats.
Congrats Hits. Beautiful work, and a Merry Christmas mate.
Many thanks Jim Shorts, Newsey, MsgtBob, Xaos and Geri
When I first viewed your composition here, I could almost smell that lovely Spruce scent from that gorgeously decorated Christmas tree in it. Beautiful doesn't even describe it but you've managed to capture not only the spirit of Christmas in this image... but it's magic too.
Thank you Bunacode and Newsey.. merry Christmas albeit belated I was just snooping back to see if I am still staying on track. Seems so

Funny Barack Obama Five Dollar Bill

Barack Obama Five Dollar Bill
Member reactions:
Good match--and a funny result. The combined guy reminds me of Gus Fring from Breaking Bad. You might have added Obama's body in the background so it isn't just the top of his head floating there. But still one of the best.
Nice merge... might be the body covered behind the currencies
Gotcha.. how is this possible that his face matches so perfect... I guess should go for a DNA test
Congrats on the Silver (though you should have used an image of him with his hair green - ha). Might have just been the lighting, but I saw him with green hair on tv.

Funny Gorillaa with Five Faces

Gorillaa with Five Faces
Member reactions:
Great extension.... she can always looks to us only good one
This is one freaky looking ape. Congrats on the wood, aintme.

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