Fishermen lights
Fishermen lights
Fishermen lights. . Member reactions:
eric. Yeah, I hope he made this for fish.
I like this a lot. Great work Lu. Congratz.
Congrats with the wood, Luciano. Greatretirement idea for Obama

Funny Fisherman Friend

Fisherman Friend

Funny Astronaut Cat Fisherman

Astronaut Cat Fisherman
. Member reactions:
Fantastic idea of water filled helmet a definite survival plan to stay in space good merge

Funny The Fisherman's Dream

The Fisherman's Dream
. Member reactions:
Lovely.... thank god its only a dream Awesome job... done

Funny The fisherman thinker

The fisherman thinker
. Member reactions:
A statue that I like very much . Good job hidden .
This Thinker is completely changed Nice make over and well fit all the accessories for Diving to him

Funny Political Fisherman

Political Fisherman
. Member reactions:
This is really nice work, but is his head supposed to be a little flat.

Funny Shark Attacking Fisherman

Shark Attacking Fisherman

Funny DJ Fisherman

DJ Fisherman
. Member reactions:
Kudos for photo realism. Fantastic work. Wish it would place higher

Funny Polar Bear And Ice Fisherman Celebrate New Year

Polar Bear And Ice Fisherman Celebrate New Year
. Member reactions:
Great. Gee...I wonder who could have done this. Lol.
Freaking excellent.. What's his name, i't's right on the tip of my tongue.
It's done in good spirits - I'll call this a Happy Chop.Brilliant.
Congrats to another Gold Pree . Love it ...
ty newsmaster ,,robinrobin,, Chilli
Gold Congrats. Wonderful chop pree-me . . . super crispy clean with great details I especially love the angles on the two heads .I think Artie would love it
Congrats pree..... Excellent, funny, complicated..... what more could you want.

Funny Fishermen Digital Art

Fishermen Digital Art

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