Fisherman Using Marijuana For Bait
Fisherman Using Marijuana For Bait
Fisherman Using Marijuana For Bait.

Funny Jeremy Clarkson the Fisherman

Jeremy Clarkson the Fisherman
Member reactions:
Beware of enemies behind you when you go especially for fishing wao large catch
Jezza won't be holding that fish for long.

Funny Fisherman Catches a Huge Shark

Fisherman Catches a Huge Shark
Angler catches 89 STONE shark setting new world record for biggest fish caught on a rod
Member reactions:
I caught a bass that big one time, but Grandma cooked it before we could get it weighed.
I like the tilt shift focus. Makes it look like miniature toys.
Awesome image DD, should've scored higher in my opinion.
thanks everyone and Funk, your comment means more to me than a gold.
Your welcome DD....after studying it again for a while, my eye was distracted by the blurry sky...Might have something to do with the score. Is there a particular reason you made it blurry. Other than that I can't think why it didn't score higher...
I like the way it makes the subjects pop out, 3D sort of, something to the line of what LunaC said, however it was probably not necessary. The score is actually pretty good, just didn't place. I like to mix focus sometimes like my Pierce Brosnan Pierce or Joe Walsh Joe Here it is unblurred Unblurred

Funny Fisherman Catching Moby Dick

Fisherman Catching Moby Dick
Member reactions:
I love the dog. He looks like he's having a whale of a good time.

Funny Obama the Fisherman at Night

Obama the Fisherman at Night
Member reactions:
eric. Yeah, I hope he made this for fish.
I like this a lot. Great work Lu. Congratz.
Congrats with the wood, Luciano. Great retirement idea for Obama

Funny Barack Obama The Fisherman Catching Joe Biden

Barack Obama The Fisherman Catching Joe Biden

Funny Fisherman Catching a Bikini Off a Woman

Fisherman Catching a Bikini Off a Woman
Please view full image
Member reactions:
Great Adult Catch... the kid has to wait to get this catch for him very good and really Hilarious too see this stuff
Colors leap off the page on this one,,, really nice. Fine cuppage maker
Looks real. (reel) Congrats on the bronze, gugu.
Thank you silvercanine and sugerlove1314 ... ...

Funny Fisherman Catching a Whale in a Painting

Fisherman Catching a Whale in a Painting
Best viewed with 3D Glasses
Member reactions:
I like it... One thing psssssttt come closer. You forgot to crop the moon.
Saw That when it got bigger took hrs to fix.
Well said... i viewed it with 3D glass and my house is full of water now good imagination and nice chop with out of box job
Well said Rajeshstar, with a a belly laugh and thanks for all ur great comments, I look forward to them as much as my placement.
Honestly, great chop. I'm still trying to figure out why this one works when it's not your textbook type OOB.

Funny The Fisherman's Dream

The Fisherman's Dream
Member reactions:
Lovely.... thank god its only a dream Awesome job... done

Funny The Thinker Fisherman Statue

The Thinker Fisherman Statue
Member reactions:
A statue that I like very much . Good job hidden .
This Thinker is completely changed Nice make over and well fit all the accessories for Diving to him

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