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Funny Fisherman Pictures

Fisherman FriendFunny Fisherman Friend
Member reactions:

Astronaut Cat FishermanFunny Astronaut Cat Fisherman
Member reactions:

Fantastic idea of water filled helmet a definite survival plan to stay in space good merge

The Fisherman's DreamFunny The Fisherman's Dream
Member reactions:

Lovely.... thank god its only a dream Awesome job... done

The fisherman thinkerFunny The fisherman thinker
Member reactions:

A statue that I like very much . Good job hidden .
This Thinker is completely changed Nice make over and well fit all the accessories for Diving to him

Political FishermanFunny Political Fisherman
Member reactions:

This is really nice work, but is his head supposed to be a little flat.

Shark Attacking FishermanFunny Shark Attacking Fisherman
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DJ FishermanFunny DJ Fisherman
Member reactions:

Kudos for photo realism. Fantastic work. Wish it would place higher

Polar Bear And Ice Fisherman Celebrate New YearFunny Polar Bear And Ice Fisherman Celebrate New Year
Member reactions:

Great. Gee...I wonder who could have done this. Lol.
Freaking excellent.. What's his name, i't's right on the tip of my tongue.
It's done in good spirits - I'll call this a Happy Chop. Brilliant.
Congrats to another Gold Pree . Love it ...
ty newsmaster ,,robinrobin,, Chilli
Gold Congrats. Wonderful chop pree-me . . . super crispy clean with great details I especially love the angles on the two heads . I think Artie would love it
Congrats pree..... Excellent, funny, complicated..... what more could you want.

Fishermen Digital ArtFunny Fishermen Digital Art
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Ice Fisherman SuicideFunny Ice Fisherman Suicide
Member reactions:

If you have ever ice-fished-it could be suicide. It takes a lot of patience.

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