Hippo Fish
Hippo Fish
Hippo Fish . Member reactions:
There should really be a fish like this. Let's start a petition. Congrats Wanderer.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Now let's sell some air.
Congrats on Bronze,works very well together.
Like I said, Brilliant. Your best work to date. Congrats on the bronze

Funny Janus fish

Janus fish

Funny Parakeet fish fishing

Parakeet fish fishing
Member reactions:

Funny Zebra fish

Zebra fish
Member reactions:
So simple and elegant, Luciano. It looks like it really could exist.

Funny Avatar fish

Avatar fish

Funny Both are fishing

Both are fishing

Funny Flying fish

Flying fish

Funny Napoleon fish

Napoleon fish

Funny Red fish

Red fish

Funny Juicy Fish for Gollum

Juicy Fish for Gollum
Member reactions:
Always fun to chop that little fellah. Great job and a bit puzzling. I can't make out what the cave is made out of. Throw me a bone, will ya. No pun intended
Sorry for the late response guys. Thanks very much, Champ. Yes it was fun, DD. Especially spearing the fish. But most of all I like the pretty colors.. Ha. Thanks, Tim. The Cave if you will, is Balrog's horn. Smeagol is riding in it's curvature.

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