The first cold shower
The first cold shower
The first cold shower. Member reactions:
As geriatric said you should protect that part not for us but for the ice effects.

Funny Me and my first plane

Me and my first plane

Funny Women always first!

Women always first!
Member reactions:
Very fitting pose for Nancy here. Great satire
2nd cup congrats... Pretty funny and wishful thinking hahahah

Funny The First Photo Bomb

The First Photo Bomb

Funny The World's First Skateboarding Cop

The World's First Skateboarding Cop
The worlds' first skateboarding cop.
Member reactions:
I like skateboard. This is new style of catching the thief with tasty food, Amazing Blue and Red signal....
The right man in the right place . Wellcome back.
Oh, boy... is that a torn off foot in a shoe. This cop surely gets around
Thanks, Newsy, its420 and D-Man. It IS an actual photograph. .

Funny 2016 First Couple

2016 First Couple
Member reactions:
Sweet. Bill will be "the first man" then.

Funny OH! Happy July First

OH! Happy July First
We forgive Canada for Justin, but ONLY because they've sent us so many talented and beautiful people.

Funny they will first

they will first
Member reactions:
The back rider looks like he's floating. Bring him down and put a shadow under him...or move the other one up.
Golden chop, brilliant light effect and cool caricature. Riding with puss is so cute
I can't get what's the use of the traffic lights with drivers in that position, but caricatures are awesome. With green on in one direction should be red on for the others.
Decent work. I would make the background driver (Kerry) and his vehicle a bit smaller in size (he looks exactly the same size as Sandler thoug definitely some distance away, as shown by the road perspective)
Congratulations Elegary. Great vibrant colors and caricature work.
Your title said it, Elegary. Great job,congratulations on First Place

Funny Girls Using the First iPhone Painting

Girls Using the First iPhone Painting
Member reactions:
Good blending but phone perspective is quite strange

Funny First Cosmonaut Flight to Mars

First Cosmonaut Flight to Mars
Kremlin Comedy Club
Member reactions:
Amusing chop....curious sponsor (Mars Donald's)
Freaking great satire. The feet are yucky.
Daem nice looking chop hahaha, good fun and congrats on the woody

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