2016 First Couple
2016 First Couple
2016 First Couple. Member reactions:
Sweet. Bill will be "the first man" then.

Funny OH! Happy July First

OH! Happy July First
We forgive Canada for Justin, but ONLY because they've sent us so many talented and beautiful people.

Funny they will first

they will first
Member reactions:
The back rider looks like he's floating. Bring him down and put a shadow under him...or move the other one up.
Golden chop, brilliant light effect and cool caricature. Riding with puss is so cute
I can't get what's the use of the traffic lights with drivers in that position, but caricatures are awesome. With green on in one direction should be red on for the others.
Decent work. I would make the background driver (Kerry) and his vehicle a bit smaller in size (he looks exactly the same size as Sandler thoug definitely some distance away, as shown by the road perspective)
Congratulations Elegary. Great vibrant colors and caricature work.
Your title said it, Elegary. Great job,congratulations on First Place

Funny Fighting for the first new model

Fighting for the first new model
Member reactions:
Hysterical idea, so well blended. Excellent work on the shadows
... this is a master chop. Brilliant idea best execution


Member reactions:
Good blending but phone perspective is quite strange

Funny Rogozin-gagarin - first astronaut who will fly to Mars !?

Rogozin-gagarin - first astronaut who will fly to Mars !?
Kremlin Comedy Club
Member reactions:
Amusing chop....curious sponsor (Mars Donald's)
Freaking great satire. The feet are yucky.
Daem nice looking chop hahaha, good fun and congrats on the woody

Funny Is the first time I cut the turkey

Is the first time I cut the turkey

Funny Test of first harvest from Crimea

Test of first harvest from Crimea
Las Vegas on the Black Sea.
Member reactions:
This comes from Crimea...let's go there and get some more .
Freaking brilliant. I love how you made their stoned eyes really diluted

Funny First flight

First flight
Member reactions:
Great link of cat face to the eagle good one

Funny First Annual Freaking News Convention

First Annual Freaking News Convention
The Freaking News artists sure like they're enjoying the Las Vegas convention.
Member reactions:
Wonderful caricature . Are these men our top chopper after hours of hard work .
No...this is how they look all the time. .
Fully freaking image and attractive face expression
Methinks these are our top chopper in disguise Bellagio hotel should work
No, these are the top choppers WITHOUT their disguises.
The most funniest part is that torn shirt and the remaining things are just making the chop hilarious good one
Evirio is right. It's an un-retouched photo. .
Truly funny stuff, Congrats on the gold. I was doing well but told Joni, watch the score at the very end and bam up you went. I'm like getting psychic
Thanks, PJ. Thanks, Tim. Thanks, Evirio. Thanks, Miss Pree. Thanks, Bob.

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