Test of first harvest from Crimea
Test of first harvest from Crimea
Test of first harvest from Crimea. Las Vegas on the Black Sea.
Member reactions:
This comes from Crimea...let's go there and get some more .
Freaking brilliant. I love how you made their stoned eyes really diluted

Funny First flight

First flight
Member reactions:
Great link of cat face to the eagle good one

Funny First Annual Freaking News Convention

First Annual Freaking News Convention
The Freaking News artists sure like they're enjoying the Las Vegas convention.
Member reactions:
Wonderful caricature . Are these men our top chopper after hours of hard work .
No...this is how they look all the time. .
Fully freaking image and attractive face expression
Methinks these are our top chopper in disguise Bellagio hotel should work
No, these are the top choppers WITHOUT their disguises.
The most funniest part is that torn shirt and the remaining things are just making the chop hilarious good one
Evirio is right. It's an un-retouched photo. .
Truly funny stuff, Congrats on the gold. I was doing well but told Joni, watch the score at the very end and bam up you went. I'm like getting psychic
Thanks, PJ. Thanks, Tim. Thanks, Evirio. Thanks, Miss Pree. Thanks, Bob.

Funny First Precedent of Kenya

First Precedent of Kenya
Member reactions:
I'm feelin it.. Primal pick-a-nick Boo Boo.
The horizon dawn looks awesome with Orange color... Nice place to celebrate the success of being the 1st Kenyan president
Great use of colors here. Shadows around faces not necessary.
white line around the tree could use some work.

Funny Kicked It First

Kicked It First
Member reactions:
The guy on the left looks very, very suspicious.

Funny First for look

First for look

Funny USA won the first medal

USA won the first medal
sochi 2014
Member reactions:
now it's the turn of Russia... Putin looks hot and strong for the event
Best Man stands..... well sorry putin, didnt count on you
Funny job, but why Putin's face is so blurry .

Funny First meeting

First meeting
Member reactions:
He looks more as a twin brother of Steve Jobs, wearing that Apple Top
Luciano - I have just realized this too. Very clever.
Ahhh the fun we have with the liquefy tool

Funny First black president

First black president

Funny First Contact Interrogation CLASSIFIED

First Contact Interrogation CLASSIFIED

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