No Firearms Allowed
No Firearms Allowed
No Firearms Allowed. Its pushing your luck to enter a club with firearms...
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If you'd just done a guy pushing a cart with the word LUCK in it, it might have been better. Nice flaming arms.
Thanks IcyallEyeCan,SteveGSQ The bar name in a pun too.
Oh, yes -- bruise brothers. Got it ... a bit slow. CONGRATULATIONS.
Me likes a lot. Congrats on the bronze, oh the noble crusader of photoshop.

Funny Firearm

Turn your handicap into advantage (just don’t shoot yourself in the foot)...

Funny Firearm Warnings

Firearm Warnings
Safety first. -Please view full-
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heh i was gonna do this too
Please don't touch unless you really know whatyou are doing.
And if you buy it now you get a free all inclusive trip to the Nation's Top Security Prison.

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