Double the Firing Power
Double the Firing Power
Double the Firing Power. Sources Missed the entry deadline for the Women contest.

Funny the devil of fire

the devil of fire
Member reactions:
Yeh.. Burning in fire, heat in the air. Fantastic work with caricature and super composition
Decent work, though not sure why Putin plays for Slovakia
Congrats, Elegary. Great Chopp'n my friend.
Congrats, Elegary. Looks like she is cooking 62 years old sh... in hell.

Funny Malcom Barrett In A Fire

Malcom Barrett In A Fire

Funny Elizabeth Warren Catches Fire

Elizabeth Warren Catches Fire
Here's a rare peak at what goes on hidden from view in the Halls of Power in Washington. While contemplating a run for the presidency in 2016, Elizabeth Warren relaxes in classical style to celebrate Christmas in the U.S. Senate. Asked how the public might react to a presidential bid by Warren, NY Senator Charles Schumer said simply, "One word," he said, "Smokin'." Elizabeth Warren Catches Fire
Member reactions:
She looks "hot" to me, hidden. Nice work.
Women's dream such a body with such a face.
If you read about a guy from NYC being attacked by a mob of angry feminists, it's probably me.

Funny Fire Walker

Fire Walker
Member reactions:
Did anyone notice the dead body in the fire. I think he did.
Looks like he is really screaming walking on those hot coals. Perfect match of the sources. I'd get rid of the body in the coals as it is actually scary
Thanks, and Newsy, wish you would have said that yesterday. I wasn't trying to scare off the voters.

Funny Firing Squad

Firing Squad
And his last words were...silent
Member reactions:
the author's comment. Very clever.
nice work with shadow and missed him with bullets hole all over the wall
Congrats, Pacovilla. It was my favorite in the contest.


Member reactions:
HA. Old Soldiers never die-they just fade away.
Thank you, thank you. Added photo to helmet "from Mary, 1944" and older feet.
Actual freaking image ,They are Powerful old soldiers don't fight with them

Funny Man on fire

Man on fire

Funny Anna Schmiedlova Afraid of Fire

Anna Schmiedlova Afraid of Fire
Anna Schmiedlova a pro Slovak tennis player. 19 years of age. Seems she has issues with fire. Pyrophobia When I saw these pictures saved together in my Misc. Folder, I just knew they were meant to be together. Source Images
Member reactions:
Lovely expression and Power full eyes for firing....
Match reflecting in her eyes add to realism
Thanks Geri, Eric, Uncle-C, Ele, and Lu. For me it was the challenge of removing the tennis ball, working the skin texture, shadows/highlights, and the flame. I liked the way it turned out, just thought I would share it.
Perfect "match" of the sources. I love how you made the flame reflections in here eyes. Can you say she's scared as heck.
Thanks Newsy. She's really a very cute girl. Just extremely expressive as she's striking a tennis ball. Makes me wonder what I look like as I'm striking the racquetball
Much appreciated, my friend Lucido. Thanks. It's mostly just slight of hand

Funny Obama Firing a Machine Gun Fiddle

Obama Firing a Machine Gun Fiddle
the World Burns

Funny Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant
This Monday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of the fire hydrant (image credit: Aprilzosia) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-shape and re-design this fire hydrant, put some animals and birds on it, use the fire plug in some odd way, make this fire hydrant image appear in posters and movies, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Fire Juggling

Fire Juggling
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of fire juggler any way you wish (image credit Sam Newman). Some examples are - making the fire juggler juggle something else or perform more stunts, designing a poster with the fire juggler, putting the juggler into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny 50 Ways to Fire Charlie Sheen

50 Ways to Fire Charlie Sheen
Actor Charlie Sheen has been fired from his CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men." Ironically, the network didn't pull the plug because of the star's recent antics involving prostitutes, drugs and multiple hospital visits, or his advocacy of crack cocaine it was an amazingly insane rant he delivered while speaking to conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones. During his interview, Sheen claimed he'd cured himself of drug addiction by blinking, ranted about his magical fingers and called his show's creator a "charlatan". In this contest we ask you to show how CBS could let Charlie Sheen know he's fired - memos, official letters, billboards, post it-notes, postcards, magazine covers, or any other creative ways of your choice. If you choose the letter/memo type of entry you are encouraged (but not required) to make the letter/memo with attached (safe for work) photographic evidence of Sheen's actions that were the reason for firing.

Funny Fire

Southern California had a tough weekend - dozens of wildfires are quickly spreading with gusting winds, causing the state of emergency in 7 Californian counties and putting thousands of homes at risk. Firefighters are working around the clock to contain the spreading fires and to prevent them from spreading. Photoshop fire any way you like. Some examples are settings things a flame, shaping fire into something (objects, liquids, etc), making new products with fire (e.g. Fire Pepsi), adding fire to composition in paintings and magazines. Your entry has to include at least some fire in it one way or another.

Funny Fire

Big story this week - wild fires in LA and a neavy smoke in the city. Which causes millions of dollars in damages to LA businesses. Smokers don't buy cigarettes any more, and spend more time outside. In this contest you are asked to include fire into paintings of your choice. You can set things a flame, or show the combustion aftermath - burned objects and landscapes, smokes. Feel free to show characters in paintings fighting with fire or enjoying it.

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