Um Prepares Head Cheese And Finger Fries
Um Prepares Head Cheese And Finger Fries
Um Prepares Head Cheese And Finger Fries. The Story Fearless Iraqi homemaker, Um Hanadi, has survived seven assassination attempts and is more wanted than the Iraqi Prime Minister

Funny Finger Puppet Show

Finger Puppet Show
Cats love it.

Funny Sergey Lavrov as a Woman Spinning a Soccer Ball on his Finger

Sergey Lavrov as a Woman Spinning a Soccer Ball on his Finger

Funny Donald Trump's Long Fingers

Donald Trump's Long Fingers
Small Hands Donald Trump seems to have some inversion over the size of his Johnson. The old wives tale that Big Nose, big ears and big hands reflect a man's size are taken too far in this satire depicting finger extensions and big plastic nose and ears.
Member reactions:
Why applied piggy parts instead of fully pig face .
Luciano, read the author's comment. Marco Rubio accused Trump of having a small p-ness because Trump has small hands. Trump did not like that at all. Over in the US a woman is supposed to be able to judge a man's private size by the size of his hands, nose, ears and feet. So the humor in this is that Trump is wearing rubber extensions to make him seem bigger. There are no piggy parts, just enlarged Trump fingers and nose. The ears are rubber ears you can buy in a magic shop. But pig parts would have been funny too. Thanks for the comments Luciano and Crafty
Thank you Gummy, NM, Luciano and Crafty. So I am still wondering, is the big hands, big nose... wives tale exclusively American.

Funny Obama with Finger Deformity

Obama with Finger Deformity
Member reactions:
Hard to pick your nose with fingers like that,,,,,, uhh, never mind.
Kewl. You did a great job with the hands. They were tough to work with I'm sure.
Gummy. Must have been playing with bees

Funny Fingers in a Drink

Fingers in a Drink
who wants a drink.
Member reactions:
Doubt. Being inside the glass, fingers shouldn't produce shadow beside.
Nice idea. The glass doesn't looks like it's standing on that surface though
im sorry but i disagree with both.. thats just my opinion i respect your opinion as well...

Funny Tiny Squirrel Holding Onto a Man's Finger

Tiny Squirrel Holding Onto a Man's Finger
Avoid Fires not play cigarettes on the roads. Many animals can die for it.
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Funny Marilyn Monroe Finger Portrait

Marilyn Monroe Finger Portrait
Diamonds, like Marilyn are forever.
Member reactions:
Well fitted Marilyn into that finger well fitted chop
Quality work, Azure. Glad you are entering again.

Funny The Pope Finger

The Pope Finger
Member reactions:
Nice Way to design like a neclace Superb.
Good work on the sunlight and the Pope looks so merciful to wait good job done

Funny The Big Bang Theory Finger Portrait

The Big Bang Theory Finger Portrait
Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper, Johnny Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter, Kunal Nayyar as Rajesh Koothrappali & Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz.
Member reactions:
Nice most of them were perfectly fitted to the five finger gang good chop on this chop..
Pretty cool.

Funny Finger Portraits

Finger Portraits
33-year-old Italian photoshop artist from Bologna has a strange hobby - he creates finger portraits of celebrities and famous characters. The artist chose the nickname "Dito" (meaning "finger" in Italian) and says that he got this strange artistic idea from an Italian metaphor "to hide behind one's finger" meaning some unsuccessful (hiding) strategy. Photoshop finger portraits of celebrities and famous characters similar to these examples. Please include celebrity names in your entry titles.

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