George W Bush Fined $150 for Drunk Driving
George W Bush Fined $150 for Drunk Driving
George W Bush Fined $150 for Drunk Driving. George W. Bush's "party boy"
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Fantastic work. I would change the motion blur - make it transparent, because now it looks like three shoes flying together
Sorry Newsy but I hope they are really three (or even more).
you can't go wrong with a funny bush chop. congrats Wanderer.
Congrats on the bronze.... I thought this one was Docs.
Thank you, All. NewsMaster, please update picture. Thanks.

Funny Lindsay Lohan Fine Wine

Lindsay Lohan Fine Wine
Was Lindsay Lohan reaching for a bottle. Sources
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Excellent....didnt notice the handcuff at first...
Awesome chop... like the vineyards and the Wine with butterflys hover around it
The whole chop is great, but I especially love how you added the sly snake.
Ummmmmmmmmm, why didn't this chop win a cup. This is beautiful work
you would have to ask the administrator that scored it a 7 with their 300 points and the other 4 who couldn't give it a 9 I guess spinner.

Funny Sam Fine Makeup Superhero

Sam Fine Makeup Superhero
Member reactions:
Than u very much. Ohh, I am not a master unfortunately.
Than u rajeshstar, balodiya and ericnorthend. I'm glad you like it.
Congratulations Amadeus1990. The Goulash Kid is back.
hahaha, well your a master too me mate...Congrats..well done...
Superhero job for this chop. Congrats on the wood, Ama. Nice to see you again
Thank u very very much everyone. Long time since I've been here, but I am glad that welcomes me, everyone. Once again, thank u very very much. Newsy, I am glad to see you.

Funny Melania Trump Looking Fine

Melania Trump Looking Fine

Funny Another fine mess

Another fine mess

Funny My Fine Feathered Chickens Digital Art

My Fine Feathered Chickens Digital Art
They were my fine feathered friends and we all moved on. The bantam on the left is a Pecan and the two on the right are silkies and their plumage was glossy and luxuriant and free ranging garden ornaments. I had a little difficulty in putting a name to the silkies as it was very difficult to tell them apart except for the shape of their cotton tail feathers, I thought of B1 and B2 as names and dismissed it because of the children characters Bananas in Pyjamas B1 and B2 and so I called them Beewon and Beeto. Gee, I like to have a bit of a rant sometimes.
Member reactions:
This is very nice, Bob. The plant in the foreground is superb.
Tough contest but, this is one of your best entries, I think.

Funny A Hummer Fine Mess - Laurel and Hardy

A Hummer Fine Mess - Laurel and Hardy

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