Clover Field
Clover Field
Clover Field. Look TT I found a 7 leaf clover.. Member reactions:
Nice Combination Good to see drunk rat on the floor
Cool St. Patrick's setting for the known team
Well, there goes another BOTS idea down the drain (ha).
Ha, Thanks Bob, and everyone. Now it's time to let TT and the drunk Wombat to go sleep it off. I think they had way to much green beer.

Funny Giza Field Trip

Giza Field Trip
Zahi Hawass gives the country kids a guided tour of the Ancient Egyptian monuments.. Member reactions:
I liked the texture of the face of Mrs.
Thanks Elegary..
I believe another fund quedaria best q I liked the texture of the face of Mrs.

Funny Poppy Fields Forever

Poppy Fields Forever
R.I.P. PhilipGreat PS Hair Brush Set. Member reactions:
Great caricature. The body is a little blurry, isn't it .
Ummm, Yes, a wee bit. TY. I added a little definition just for you. 14 hours invested, what is another ten minutes, right. Thanks Luciano
Awesome job... and thanks for the brush set.
Or Twinkie body Thank you sullishere, JS you're welcome, balodiya, andwhat, and AZwoodbox.
Poppy fields his lone mates during his last days .... RIP and great work in showing him as an deserted angle
Perfect representation of his own world of misery.Totally knocked out.yeh twinkie and booty chin with comic smile.Dancing chicki injection was friend of Sopry..Lovely fittings and hair.Awesome work, Good luck hidden
Very clever work hidden - this chop is like a small movie, telling stories and showing you things. Hats off.
Congrats on the win hitspinner. Awesome chop.
Congrads on the Gold Cup, Hits another home run.
great great great gold hitty many congrats

Funny grandpa on the field

grandpa on the field
. Member reactions:
Original picture
Took me a while to download the original photo - huge indeed.You did a good job on it. Is it your grandfather.
Amazing chop... the Glasses worn to your grandfather is amazing... the shadows were perfectly behind the glass looks real... a awesome background chosen great job overall
He is looking smart grandfather and background is matching with this man....Nice chop
Congrats on the wood, uCkPeH.Welcome back.
Congratulations uCkPeH.Very Impressive.
Congrats on the win, chop looks great.
Congrats on the wood. Nice and great work. Like it.

Funny Beer In The Corn Field

Beer In The Corn Field
Obama and his crew have a bash for Oktoberfest.Pumpkins: Nancy, Obama, Michele, Joe and John. Member reactions:
Love it, their faces killed the korn and made the crow fly
Awesome...... all the faces were well craved out of the Pumpkins great job done

Funny Tulip Field

Tulip Field
. Member reactions:
pcrdds, Well you recognized as a flag right. I am a true patriot, but our politicians are cowards and blind.
A lovely concept to use Tulips to staged so beautifully like a flag to honor it good job done
Rajeshstar,Thanks, I appreciate that you liked the concept and recognized that I was honoring our flag.
not out flags colors but nice layout.....
Badseed,Thanks for the compliment of my layout.
ericnorthend, Thanks for the compliment on my piece.
Newsmaster, I appreciate it. Still trying.

Funny Bluebirds in a Field

Bluebirds in a Field

Funny Field Sobriety Test

Field Sobriety Test
It looks like "Mr. Hydrant" may have had a little too much to drink.. Member reactions:
This is awesome.... the Pipe is peeing in front of a Police officer and he is standing to get it done very
PERFECT execution, extraordinary creative thought. AWESOME
Thanks, everybody. I had a lot of fun with this one.
Gold congrats Dr. P. For the second time, no pun intended, .If this continues you might have to change the first initial to your site name...
Congrats on the Gold. Notice I didn't mention your conflicting shadows (oops).
There are no conflicting shadows, BOB. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Wanderer.

Funny Ichiro, right field, behind the back.

Ichiro, right field, behind the back.
. Member reactions:
Great job... Nice change of dress to the source... lovely merge of the Cap and the face... really good chop Seattle stuff works here
Congratulations. Did you send this to the Mariner's ball club. I would.
Go Ms (into last place...but still, it's nice)

Funny Field of the Dead

Field of the Dead
. Member reactions:
I can't see her face i am eagerly waiting to see here face hidden

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