Fidel is Dead
Fidel is Dead
Fidel is Dead. One of the most loved--and most hated--men in history. New York Times Story
Member reactions:
Should have scored way higher, perfect composition.

Funny Pope Francis with the Patriarch of Moscow and Fidel Castro on a Beach

Pope Francis with the Patriarch of Moscow and Fidel Castro on a Beach
A historic meeting between the Russian Orthodox and Catholic church.
Member reactions:
Good chop but shadows around bodies are wrong.

Funny The Fidel Castro Resurrection

The Fidel Castro Resurrection
After 14 months, Fidel Castro appears "full of vitality"

Funny Red Sox Baseball Club Sign Fidel Castro

Red Sox Baseball Club Sign Fidel Castro
The Boston Red Sox sign a Cuban
Member reactions:
He's phenomenal indeed. Calurosa bienvenida, .
Congrats on the gold, silver and bronze, Paul.
Trifecta..Now that separates the men from the boys.

Funny Obama as Fidel Castro

Obama as Fidel Castro
Click Here For The News Story
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lucianomorelli,, Ah come on, only 5 min.s left to vote for it again, This time give it a 10.

Funny Fidel Castro Upside Down

Fidel Castro Upside Down

Funny Fidel Castro as a Child

Fidel Castro as a Child
Member reactions:
Its too Hilarious to see the beard and the cigar both are freaking look
"Habla Espanol. Cubano. Ingles. No matter-you die today."(from the 'My Little Dictator' chronicles) Nice work.

Funny Pope and Fidel Castro - the Catholic Brothers

Pope and Fidel Castro - the Catholic Brothers
Member reactions:
So smooth, very nice execution. Old Buddies here
probably my favorite so far. there are a few spots that are lacking highlights, but i still like it the best. the cloak and the umbrella. but alltogether has a nice look.
Great expression with a twisted and a smoking emmiting from Cigar is too freaky to give this look, nice background used clever job done

Funny Fidel Castro as an Old Woman

Fidel Castro as an Old Woman
Fidel Castro, yeah he's still alive
Member reactions:
Freaking fantastic Idea, and wonderful merge.
Would have been a great chop if the body and background were not out of focus.
The face and composition are really really good.

Funny Fidel Castro Moustair

Fidel Castro Moustair
Member reactions:
Ha. Those little teeth on the bottom ... hmmm, glasses are difficult, yes.

Funny Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro
Former Cuban president Fidel Castro, the Cuban icon for 50 years, who disappeared from public view 4 years ago after handling power to his brother Raul Castro, is again showing up in public. 83 year old Castro started his miraculous public appearance, after a 4 year absence, with a long interview on Cuban television where he was eloquently talkative and gave his opinion about the prospects of the world affairs and politics. "We should all prepare for nuclear war unless the West stops the tensions with Iran and North Korea", said Castro. Cuban government tries to show that Fidel Castro is back, is still active, and is capable of making decisions. Let's help the Cuban government here by showing Fidel "back in action" - photopshop Fidel Castro taking parts in any events (doing sports, taking an active part in lives of other countries, doing mountain climbing, etc.). Try to use more recent photos of Castro.

Funny Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro
This week Fidel Castro has announced his official resignation as President of Cuba and commander-in-chief after almost 50 years in power. The Cuban parliament and Castro's brother Raul will continue running the country. To say our goodbye to Fidel Castro after some 50 years, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: twisted magazine covers announcing Castro's resignation, Fidel's plan's for the future, his alternative careers in the past, Castro in paintings and movies. You can even think of some US election posters featuring Castro.

Funny Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro
Your job is to help Cuba's government making the world believe Fidel Castro is doing fine by photoshopping famous magazine / newspaper covers. Clarification: "Doing Fine = Not Dead", so as long as you try to show Castro alive (e.g. miraculous recovery or even on a hospital bed in coma), your entry qualifies.

Funny Rich Fidel Castro

Rich Fidel Castro
"Poor" Fidel is upset that once again he has been identified as a multimillionaire and not one of the truly destitute peasants he rules over in Cuba. Create images of Castro living the millionaire's "high life" (doing things associated with the wealthy, hanging out with celebrities, shopping, in wealthy clothes, etc). Create images of Fidel Castro that he would rather not have the people of Cuba see.

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