Ferret Hilton
Ferret Hilton
Ferret Hilton. Member reactions:
Excellent quality work, Icy. Their beady eyes interchange well.

Funny Full Metal Ferret

Full Metal Ferret
Member reactions:
Congrats again, a double, way to go girl.......
Great colors n lighting, congrats on the Woody.
Congrats on a strong showing andwhat . Lots of quality elements 🍻

Funny Girl with a Ferret

Girl with a Ferret
This is one of my girlfriend and our new ferret... She's REEEALLY happy see

Funny Fat Ferret and a Sneaker

Fat Ferret and a Sneaker
Fat Furry Ferret

Funny Ferret vs Baby

Ferret vs Baby
Fred the ferret had trouble accepting the families newest addition.

Funny Ferret

I said...PUT ME DOWN. I'm a ferret on the edge.
Member reactions:
The gun might be a bit too dark to give it some punch. And a little liquify to give the beast Angry eyes would be a nice touch

Funny Ferret Love

Ferret Love

Funny Baby Ferret

Baby Ferret
My friend's ferret )
Member reactions:
interesting but the image is way too small

Funny Ferret Riding a Tricycle

Ferret Riding a Tricycle
The original 3 wheeler.
Member reactions:
I would desaturate his head a bit and add some noise. Good job fitting it together though.

Funny Ferrets with Human Hands and Eyes

Ferrets with Human Hands and Eyes
Member reactions:
brilliantly creepy
i dident even notice what was wierd about them for a second
good image, nice idea, but the hands look little off, nice job with the eyes

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