Adidas-Ferrari for King of Soccer
Adidas-Ferrari for King of Soccer
Adidas-Ferrari for King of Soccer. Messi's Adidas Ferrari

Funny Ferrari 250GT

Ferrari 250GT
Member reactions:
Love the car caricature. They are rare and hard to do, thanks for the treat Hidden.
Thanks guys, I tried every color in the book. Lol
Did you turn the horse emblem into a Goat Lol Pan....tastic
Congrats on your 4rth place finish Deaddog, you certainly have a knack for making cars look beautiful.
Can't get enough of this one. A graceful caricature, brilliant. Congrats DD.
Never a doubt this was your work. A Masterful Work DD, Congrats.

Funny When build bench thinking about Ferrari!

When build bench thinking about Ferrari!
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Funny Ferrari J50

Ferrari J50
Ferrari J50 might be ‘blueprint’ for brand’s future design Image source
Member reactions:
You have to be really skinny to drive this one.

Funny Pocket Ferrari

Pocket Ferrari
Member reactions:
Very zweet choppage...... You really like doing those short chops, Huh. I have never been much good at them.

Funny Baby Red Ferrari

Baby Red Ferrari
Member reactions:
Pro Nice... Very clean Sometimes it takes tons of work to pull these off
Great job. Only nit-pick is that the right front fender is a little too tall (compared to the left one). Perspective.
Very clean work, looks absolutely real. Congrats on the bronze, Denlig.

Funny Ferrari goes to Wall Street

Ferrari goes to Wall Street
Ferrari files to launch IPO on Wall Street
Member reactions:
They finally decided to do it, lets wish them good luck

Funny Red Ferrari Shoe

Red Ferrari Shoe
Member reactions:
Pure read leather, and you don't know how it smells good when new.
Out-freaking-standing work. Love the buckle with the Ferrari logo.
Thank you ericnorthend, suni, lucianomorelli (actually it's ferrari red), blearyeye, Gummy, & NewsMaster
Top 5. Really clean design, 420. Very believable
Classy combination of shoe and car, a real beauty.

Funny Montezemolo Leaves Ferrari

Montezemolo Leaves Ferrari
Montezemolo leaves Ferrari helm, Marchionne takes over
Member reactions:
What NewsMaster said ...

Funny Green Ferrari

Green Ferrari
Member reactions:
Looks natural. Do they give discounts to leprechauns.
Me want.....................................Rockin color job Luciano

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