Gal Gadot the female Jane Bond
Gal Gadot the female Jane Bond
Gal Gadot the female Jane Bond.

Funny Female Novel `Knight and the Dragon`

Female Novel `Knight and the Dragon`

Funny Female Dinosaur Astronaut

Female Dinosaur Astronaut

Funny Female Bodybuilder

Female Bodybuilder
Member reactions:
color of face doesn't always match the body.. everyone has different taste in every subject especially women
i see low numbers again oh well i see rating fair is over rated now a days .. oh well haters keep hating.. no matter what you cant stop me from getting better.. and you will still be you to me means nothing.. just sucks that people in high rank on this site dont do a thing to stop that..

Funny Barack Obama as a Female Body Builder

Barack Obama as a Female Body Builder

Funny Bill Cosby Holding a Female Gymnast

Bill Cosby Holding a Female Gymnast
Member reactions:
What a brilliant use and amazing chop, she got extra size and everything is mind blowing

Funny Female Samurai

Female Samurai
Female Samurai
Member reactions:
Love the oriental style you took - the result looks authentic
Gets the prize for most imaginative integration. Way cool in that respect

Funny Male and Female Life Cycle Clocks

Male and Female Life Cycle Clocks
Member reactions:
Seriously great piece. Might make a nice poster about the essence of time
Amazing concept,This is cycle of our life.
Awesome creativity... these clocks the life cycle of Man and Women and their growth from child to young adult good one really impressed
Men's Clock has too much events. Should be several. Born - Sport/Time with Friends - Marriage - Die. Just kidding. Excellent picture.
I got the same your idea but couldn't think of enough items. Excellent and clever.
Clean and clever. Nice job and congrats on the cup

Funny Terrible Female Driver

Terrible Female Driver
I see one nearly every day
Member reactions:
she has a nice figure ,,butterface
Great job, hidden I'm feelin' a little motion sickness coming on
Fantastic work in the best traditions of British humor - makes me think of Benny Hill and Mr. Bean.
really said one every day. most favourite of the chops.. great work of a master
Thank you Rajesh, Newsey, Steve, Balodiya, PSM, Qtrmoon, Renegade... welcome back stranger, Pree, Luciano and SS. Sometimes a chop is better than a blog
Another great chop hit,you are a master.Congrats on the silver
Congratulations. I thought this was a HoHouse original.
'tis a whirling dervish of delight Hi-yo Silver.
. Lotsa work in this one. That woman put the U in Ugly.
L.O.L LunaC. We call that Fugly where I come from LunaC
really like this one spinner. It has a weird 2 dimensional/3 dimensional battle going on that draws you in.

Funny Female Justin Bieber

Female Justin Bieber
Member reactions:
Thank you very much.
He he he, nothing. Bob Thanks for commenting.
Thought you'd be in the money hidreley. Nice one.
Thank you friend "azwoodbox" I would love to have been among the first, but stay in the top five have left me very happy.

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