Obama Care Fema Facility
Obama Care Fema Facility
Obama Care Fema Facility. And Now It Begins No use in letting all those FEMA Camps go to waste on gun owners, Homeless people and Republicans. Now when the elderly need expensive long term care they can be transferred to a "Special" Care Facility.
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i like it much ... No luck for top 4
Thanks every one it did better than I thought it would.

Funny Secret FEMA Camp

Secret FEMA Camp
The latest trend in state of the art sustainable living. Fun for the whole family.
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Aaaah... The FEMA Camps that Glenn Beck said he would get to the bottom of. And then before he got to the bottom of them, it was predicted that he would actually come back with footage and information that was proven to be false in order to use it as a way to debunk ALL FEMA Camps. Many fell for his rubbish attempt, but the awakening is moving at light speed, and many are realizing that these camps are all over the place. Good Job...
Great one All bamboo house represents as a small cottages for visitors

Funny Fema Picture

Fema Picture
Fema Picture (view full please)


Yes, that's Mike Brown (aka "Good-job Brownie") in the hazmat suit. He's Bush's director of FEMA. Who knew that hurricane was coming. Who knew "Brownie" would actually have to do something. (the guy had something to do with horses before getting the FEMA gig) Too bad we gotta wait till the mid-term elections for the recall on this elephant-size lemon.
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FEMA only makes more of a mess than can clean up.Especially like the seal behind him.Closer to the truth than his resume.
Oooh, look at all the 3s and 4s this one got. The Republican voters are a tough crowd.

Funny FEMA Rescuing Dogs in a Flood

FEMA Rescuing Dogs in a Flood
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Well at least the mexicans are willing to send Aid...
FEMA -- stands for Floating Emergency Mobile Azzzzzzzzzzz............

Funny fema manual

fema manual
Mike Brown forgot to read/watch the manual for FEMA
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A little softening (blur) maybe on the insignia. Brilliant commentary and design.

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