Philip Morris Energy Drink, feel difference
Philip Morris Energy Drink, feel difference
Philip Morris Energy Drink, feel difference. You have choice now: Smoke Philip Morris and have Lung Cancer or Drink Philip Morris and have Stomach Cancer

Funny `Brokeback Mountain 2`- Do you feel my left strong hand?

`Brokeback Mountain 2`- Do you feel my left strong hand?
In 2016, Russian street punk and American billionaire met. The two men try to keep their affair over the next 4–8 years. Putin alredy feels strong Donald’s left hand.



Funny feel the burn

feel the burn



Funny Woman Feeling Blue

Woman Feeling Blue
Member reactions:
nice blending. I like the mysterious athmosphere.
so mystical and cool environment this chop is lovable

Funny Nicolas Cage Feeling Green

Nicolas Cage Feeling Green
dont ever be near bird
Member reactions:
quality work, but Mr. Cage looks like he's been contaminated with something rather than celebrating St. Patrick's day

Funny Mariah Carey Feeling Inflated

Mariah Carey Feeling Inflated
Mariah Carey source pic
Member reactions:
I think Macy"s will want one of these for their next parade
Congrats on an amazing chop pree. I suspected it was you. Enjoy your bronze.
Congrats pree, nice chop. She still looks good,
thanks killer..funkwood..pegleg and newsy.. i never got 2 trophies before..

Funny George Bush Feeling Blue Playing Guitar

George Bush Feeling Blue Playing Guitar

Funny Sinking Feeling

Sinking Feeling
can you plug the hole . plz vote again as i have redone from scatch
Member reactions:
Considering that the life preserver is on its original background, I am wondering why the edges of the ropes and the outer edges of the preserver are now pixelated with a blue edge. Did you use the magic wand tool to select part of the background which was showing between the boards. If so, it has selected similar colour tones throughtout the source image. Basically what you would need to do to create this image is to use the marquee tool and remove the inner section of the background in the source image and then slide the underwater image behind it on a new layer. Use the lasso tool to remove the area between the boards, if you wish. Add a slight inner shadow at the top of the life preserver to match the existing shadow at the base. If you do this, the quality of your finished image will be much sharper. ALSO, and this is directed to everyone who is using a contest image supplied by FN ... click on the posted contest image to reveal the full-sized, high resolution image with which you can work from. I have a feeling that some people are downloading the smaller version for their work.
your right i was not working with full view, i did not use magic wand i just used the colour changer as i remember also i am using coral psp 11 any pointers most welcome thanks for the comments, i have redone it from scatch, plz comment again, many thanks
The edit looks much cleaner and sharper now.
Good insight, c00per, as always... you should hold a class, I think.
I am in love with the concept, and I think flaws have been fixed with the edit.

Funny Feeling Batty

Feeling Batty
Halloween is just four weeks away and the bat is one character you will see a lot during the holiday - on costumes, merchandise, and pictures. Though Halloween is associated with bats, you will not find any bats flying in the sky during this time of the year. The reason is, bats depend on insects as their primary food source, so as we get closer to the winter months and insects become unavailable, bats either prepare for hibernation (cave bats) or migrate to warmer regions (tree bats) till next summer. Bats are very special creatures - they are the only mammals that can truly fly (not just glide for short periods like flying squirrel). Their legs are weak - bats can only "walk funny" for short distances and can't stand on them for long, so they hang upside down when resting, sleeping and feeding their young. An old wife's tale has it that bats will try to get into your hair when they can. This myth originated from the fact that bats may get closer to humans to catch mosquitoes that are surrounding humans. However, bats are true masters of the flight, and as they catch mosquitoes around you they will never bump into your hair or body. If anything, they are actually doing you a big favor by eating those blood sucking insects that would otherwise prey on you. Think about it the next time you notice a bat flying nearby. Merge bats with other animals or humans any way you wish. Many thanks to Hamid1976 for the themepost.

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