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Funny Fedex Pictures

FedEx MexicoFunny FedEx Mexico
Member reactions:

Well merged the FedEX logo and color to the source parcels

FedEx Package LauncherFunny FedEx Package Launcher
Member reactions:

FedEx Package Launcher
Damn, I told them my package was fragile. Good one.
Good one for humor, I would have made the truck bigger.

FedEx and UPS Airline Paint JobFunny FedEx and UPS Airline Paint Job
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Last Minute Fedex DeliveryFunny Last Minute Fedex Delivery
Member reactions:

They'll get that parcel to you on time anywhere anyhow at no extra cost.

FedEx and UPS Airline Paint JobFunny FedEx and UPS Airline Paint Job
Member reactions:

why did you combined UPS with FedEx. that is my only critic, nice idea
for deliver somthing beyond the sky is what you need a fusion betwen ups and fedex
The concept is creative, and humorous, and full view is especially beautiful.

Kevin Federline FedExFunny Kevin Federline FedEx
Member reactions:

"Maybe with a real job, she'll want me back"
Great play on words. He's truly Fed-ex now.
Yo, I'd say to try and swap Ex and fed, so it would read ExFed...

FedEx FlashFunny FedEx Flash
Member reactions:

That ought to speed things up.

FedEx PassengersFunny FedEx Passengers
Member reactions:

American Airlines has teamed up with Fed Ex to cut costs and improve customer service. -Saturday Delivery is limited to First class only. * VIEW FULL *
I've thought about mailing myself....wonder if it would work.....Hmmmm
You'd freeze to death in the cargo section.
Super entry. Welcome back Rabbit, you were missed.
Somebody really has done something similar, and got caught when he was seen getting out of the crate he mailed himself to Texas in.He also wound up in jail for doing this.
Hilarious. Only one MINOR technicality.....The boy isn't in bubble wrap, he's in packing peanuts. Just a thought. Great job though.

FedExFunny FedEx
Member reactions:

Please view full.
Intersting concept, "Your Army, Overnight"
When you absolutely positively have to bomb someone over night.

FedExFunny FedEx
Member reactions:

Yes, you will need to "full view" this one.
This is excellent.... just love the headlines.
...Bush to propose property taxes on the homeless...."PRICELESS"

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