Do you fear a loss of Faith
Do you fear a loss of Faith
Do you fear a loss of Faith. Do you fear a loss of Faith

Funny Fear Factor

Fear Factor
Fear Factor--Presidential Edition
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Bronze, LunaC. I would have liked to have seen Trump on an episode of Fear Factor.

Funny Nothing Left to Fear Movie

Nothing Left to Fear Movie

Funny A Fantastic Fear of Everything Mexican

A Fantastic Fear of Everything Mexican
Member reactions:
Hahaha, awesome show of the Mexican symbols here.
Top 5 congrats. That stain is the cherry on top hahahahahaha

Funny Miley Cyrus Fears The Storm

Miley Cyrus Fears The Storm
'I just wanna have fun.' Miley Cyrus tells Britney Spears she wanted VMAs to be 'memorable' in new MTV documentary

Funny Getting Over Fears Surreal Digital Art

Getting Over Fears Surreal Digital Art
Getting over fears with the help of a friend
Member reactions:
I know the feeling after having to watch 'Barney & Friends' for a living(PBS). Your image is how I thought of that insipid character at 08:30 Hrs. every morning. The Purple Monster loved by all children-with teeth. Love your creation-High marks for originality and loveable humor.
Freaky Awesome.. This is it. No words can explain the greatness of this entry. Love it.
, love to know what was in the author's head with this one Funny work.
Excellent thinking -- A man rowing Shark as a ship but not on water, on a dry land. cute doggy looking up. Great composition all over. I love Jesus Savior of the world
Great thinking a sharp with horn, Every characters is something different in it greatttttttttt
thanks guys, i know this is lil different from the usual entry didn't expect to place...thanks
Brilliant flight of imagination and chopping. Congrats on the bronze, Benzi.
this time you are BENZI -out of the- BOX great job man, congratulation.

Funny Tunnel Of Fear

Tunnel Of Fear
Titel: Tunnel Of Fear Autor: "Exploding Art" Fotograf: "Elrowiel" Model: "MURDOC the PSYCHO"
Member reactions:
will be getting a 10 from me. Might want to reduce some burn-out in cheeks on 2nd largest face
Thanks a lot to all of you ibeme youre right i have to workover a bit Thanks a lot for the tipp
that's very cool EA try to join other contests too I see you are great artist keep going
Thanks you NewsMaster and kratos5saif, glad you like my kind of artwork. Maybe i will join some other contest. Now i have photoshop elements so im about to proof my skills

Funny Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Dark For all the credits and inspiration sources. I really love the Graveworm's cover of this song.
Member reactions:
Wonderful work. Pity the image is rather small (full view could be a full glory)
Beautiful work Melian, congrats on the woody..
that was cool friend , congrats on the woody and keep going
Very Nice melian. I loved the lighting in this.

Funny Fear and loathing In Hogwarts - Harry Potter

Fear and loathing In  Hogwarts - Harry Potter

Funny Cape Fear 10000 B.C.

Cape Fear 10000 B.C.

Funny Sushi Parasite Fears Grow

Sushi Parasite Fears Grow
Sushi has a healthy reputation it can be low fat and high in protein but a new report serves as a stark reminder that sushi made with raw fish can carry a dangerous parasite. Doctors warn that it's becoming a greater problem in Western countries as more people eat sushi, and they documented one recent case that serves as a cautionary tale where surgeons had to remove a parasite. Ewwww. Create various types of SUSHI using INSECTS, they can be crunchy, slithery, or cute...but the sushi must contain insects. No overly gross images and, NO politicians or celebrities allowed! For more background on this story Visit This Link

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