FBI Presidential Witness Relocation
 FBI Presidential Witness Relocation
FBI Presidential Witness Relocation. Member reactions:
ha ha ha I think he might be an Elf in real life
Beautifully done Hidden. Made Sessions look good
Reggie is right. He looks better like this
Knew this little elf was a winner, Great Job Tim.Congrats....
Ahhhh, a confidence booster Thanks so much folks
Grats Hits I think he would be a successful Santa
Sorry, I'm a little late in responding to the contest results. I've been busy at work and ranting in my own thread. I thought it a bit early for Xmas chops, but hey... it works. Great image Congrats Hits.
No problem, I am worse than anyone responding and congratulating. As far as Santa, elves, Christmas, thanksgiving... it's all a blend of whoopee to me. I just used a holiday theme to confuse it all even more than it is hehe... meaningless visual blather an so forth. He got $$$ from somebody and I guess if there is any point to the chop that would be it


Member reactions:
. It needs some clean up work. The guy in the bathtub for instance, try to get rid of the black line sticked to his face and try blending his face some more with the body.
Ahhh Columbo ahahahah I get it. Funny chop HH.

Funny FBI Director Working Double Time

FBI Director Working Double Time
Update FBI Director Wray successful infiltration of 1982 High School Dance. Will meet up with his future mother on Monday..tick..tick..the clock is counting down.

Funny Brokeback FBI

Brokeback  FBI

Funny FBI Drag Queen Mueller

 FBI Drag Queen Mueller

Funny My FBI Report

My FBI Report
Please look at in original, to read the small things.
Member reactions:
Boom, body slam............ hahahahah great job.

Funny FBI Targets Hillary Again

FBI Targets Hillary Again
Member reactions:
Should say "Probes ",, with that face....
Did she spend alle her time in the last years making emails .
Congrats Hitspinner, Love it, really good chop.
Gold and Bronze Congrats, Master Hits Spinner. Awesome caricatures for the best citizens of USA, leaders of the nation.
Hmmm, comments are lagging or something screwey. Thanks HH, Luciano and Andrew as well

Funny FBI Puts a Noose Around Tim Cook's Head

FBI Puts a Noose Around Tim Cook's Head
Apple CEO opposes court order to help FBI unlock iPhone
Member reactions:
People don't understand the situation. For Apple to break into this phone, they have to write a completely new operating system, from scratch, in order to do it. There is no secret, magic key / password.
Congrats on the wood too. Hot news story, absolutely worth a chop.
Ahhhhh a trophy hog. hahahaha Great job mate Congrats on the twofer
zer, way to hit a double with the good wood. Congrats, D.D..
Great chop dd. The court order is basically asking Apple to create Malware to hack it's own system and once it's been created who knows if it can be contained. Apple prides itself on the security of it's products this might destroy that legacy. It's an interesting debate and Deffo worth a chop.

Funny Al Sharpton FBI Informant

Al Sharpton FBI Informant
Al Sharpton denies being a paid informant for the FBI
Member reactions:
Excellent Neat and clean.Good to see the little one joining the group..
Child is looking sweet and leader of this group..nice chop
Kewl. Al's always a wiener..oops I meant to say winner.
Love that vintage camera showing up under his suit. Al Sharpton is one bad Gangsta.

Funny FBI Profiler Candice DeLong

FBI Profiler Candice DeLong
I used 3 low-rez sources and assembled it as a possible TV Promo image. Don't ask "why."
Member reactions:
Pure quality - they should use it as a promo image.
Thank you for the kind comments JoanMcKay, D-Man, Balodiya, Ericnorthend & the "Master-of-Ceremonies," NewsMaster.
I agree with Newsey. Excellent work... Quite captivating
Also, Pcrdds, Hitspinner & "Who-Dat.. HoHouse." Thank you.

Funny FBI Agent Peter Strzok, You're Fired!

FBI Agent Peter Strzok, You're Fired!
FBI official Peter Strzok, who played a lead role in both the Russian meddling and Hillary Clinton email probes but became a political lightning rod after the revelation of anti-Trump text messages, has been fired. One Strzok text in particular vowed to "stop" Trump from becoming president. In June, he was escorted from his FBI office and lost his security clearance amid the release of a scathing DOJ inspector general report. And August 13th his firing was confirmed. To help with ideas toward suitable new employment for Peter Strzok, photoshop him in his next job. Alternatively, show him in his retirement or unemployment status. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on the Strzok firing, click this Link

Funny FBI Spying

FBI Spying
There's a big scandal surrounding the FBI. Turns out they have misused and abused the Patriot Act to spy on businesses and private citizens without any justification. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to how the FBI misused the Patriot Act to spy on businesses and individuals. Examples may include showing that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is always spying on us (via cameras, spies, phone tapping, etc.) or that the Bureau rules this world and was ruling it in the past - include the F.B.I. logo into famous paintings, turn characters from the paintings or famous current characters (cartoons, toys) and celebrities into secret federal agents.

Funny Celebrity FBI Files

Celebrity FBI Files
What kind of strange or unusual photos do the FBI have on files for celebrities and politicians of today? Help the FreakingNews audience out by creating images of any post 1960-era Celebrity, Politician or any other famous face. You can also visit the FBI Website for the inspiration for this contest.

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