Leaving Fast
Leaving Fast
Leaving Fast.  'You Can't Leave Fast Enough'
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Congrats Reggie. Maybe a little motion blur would add more in the effect.
Thanks Manosart, I agree. Thought about it and I should have followed through.
Congrads on the Bronze Boss, always entertaining
Darn, I wanted too to that, Congrats on your win, Good One....😆
Thanks everybody. HH Hobbit thanks, would love to see your version.
Congrats on the Bronze, Reggie. Great Image, conveys the point nicely.
Thank You Splats. May need a little motion blur like Mano suggested

Funny Better be Fast, not Slow

Better be Fast, not Slow

Funny Fast food lover

Fast food lover
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Eye-Catching candy here. Congrats on the Bronze, mrassad.
Very very good . I Miss the vote but i would have put 9 i think ^^
Thanks everyone for your votes and comments..

Funny Obese Obama eating Fast Food

Obese Obama eating Fast Food
Joe tells Barack the Good Humor Truck just pulled up while Michelle slowly begins a fuming eruption.
Member reactions:
Kewl Image. That guy could eat you right out of White House and Home.
So much for Michelle's "Move" campaign. Great chop.
Xlent chubbification. Woody for your effort
Congrats on the wood, Franko. Great to see you back.

Funny Fast and Furious Crash

Fast and Furious Crash
SLOWER THEN EVER..lack of action impact unknown actors.... wackiest movie of the year..nominated for trash of the year... independent low budget film.. DON"T MISS IT.. coming in 2016

Funny Fast 7

Fast 7
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Another really good entry Picasso. give yourself a pat on the back.

Funny People Eating Fast Food in Van Gogh Painting

People Eating Fast Food in Van Gogh Painting
After a long day working in the fields, there's nothing easier for dinner than fast food.

Funny The Fast Food Last Supper

The Fast Food Last Supper
The last supper reconstructed using modern fast food with some hidden extras.
Member reactions:
Like it Enjoying the party..Nice decorationn

Funny Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 7

Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 7
no weapons no cars no accidents no deaths less rapid more furious
Member reactions:
Excellent chop... good use of background.. sign post and the wrekage showing the after effects of being fast well done
LOTS of work here to make it shine as it does, and great composition too. I love how you made almost the panoramic view

Funny Fast & Foolish Paul Walker

Fast & Foolish Paul Walker
Sadly lessons to be learned; pick better friends and don't live your movies. R.I.P. Paul, you will be missed
Member reactions:
Golden words said here by the author - pick better friends and don't live your movies. Great chop, I like how you have the dove carrying the Porsche keys
Thanks Rajesh, NM, PJ, and the rest of you all yet to comment

Funny Fast Food Menu

Fast Food Menu
Burger King announced that it will make their fast food menu healthier, at least for kids under 12. The total amount of calories of the food items in the menu should not exceed 560 calories, with no more than 30 percent of the calories from fat and no more than 10 percent of the calories from added sugars. The planned kids menu items will include low fat chicken and apples cut to resemble French fries. Burger King is the second largest fast food chain after McDonald's which pledged to cut the amount of saturated fat and sugar in its menus earlier this year and to offer healthier food to its customers. Take any fast food chain (Burger King, McDonald's, etc.) and show what new food items on their menus may attract or chase away customers. You can show both healthy fast food (carrots, etc.) or some strange items on a menu which may even be inedible (rocks, etc.) In the next 48 hours you are to assume the position of a manager in your favorite fast food chain, and decide what new menu items should be there - to benefit the customers, amaze them, or simply scare them. Make sure to brand your food entry so we know which fast food chain it belongs to.

Funny Fast Food

Fast Food
What hidden symbols or objects might we find in Fast Food or in any Ice Cream products?

Funny Fast Food

Fast Food
Put Fast Food restaurants in other unusual places, or create Fast Food items or menu's that we might find being sold in unusual ways.

Funny Fast Food

Fast Food
Create fast food items or menus that contain unusual ingredients...

Funny Slim-Fast Diet

Slim-Fast Diet
Slim-Fast and Whoopi Goldberg are parting company so it looks as the diet company is going to be looking for a new spokesperson. Photoshop who you think should now promote their diet and become the company's next spokesperson.

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