Robot Fashion Line
Robot Fashion Line
Robot Fashion Line.

Funny Fashion costume of The Best Korean in one of a mental hospital

Fashion costume of The Best Korean in one of a mental hospital
Fashion costumes of the Great Korean in one of a mental hospital in North Korea. Brain of pig, Workers' Party of North Korea heart and ... nuclear nuts.
Member reactions:
Nice chop, but Kim Jong-un is another politican in a No Politician contest...
Uncle, you are absolutely right, fashion model looks like Kim jong-in, but it is not Kim it is costume with elements from Kim.
, a most creative way to circumvent the rules. Doubt if this and others ignoring contest rules would have made it past Mods. Up to voters now...
Uncle, you know place is not important for me, we try to have fun and place freaking opuses. I will continue follow rules for following contests.
Agree, it should be about having fun also rules should be followed.
The pig is too elevated, it's trotters should be below the woman next to it.
The pig is too elevated, it's trotters should be below the woman next to it.
A Pig is excited to see leader of All Koreans and started jumping.

Funny Fashion Show at the Art Gallery Digital Art

Fashion Show at the Art Gallery Digital Art
digital art

Funny Fashion Designer McCartney T-Rex

Fashion Designer McCartney T-Rex
Stella McCartney is a fashion designer. Paul McCartney's daughter.
Member reactions:
Looking smooth. I like how she's is holding the bone.
smooth work with the transition in sizes. THe t-rex head needs work

Funny Astronuat Fashion Parade

Astronuat Fashion Parade
Member reactions:
Clever,the fashion world is abuzz with the new astronaut look
Congrats for all following too. Good job.

Funny Joan Rivers the Fashion Police in Heaven

Joan Rivers the Fashion Police in Heaven
Member reactions:
Oh boy, she sticks to her best skills in heaven. Nicely thought and chopped tribute, Hidden.

Funny Old Dolls in Fashion Week

Old Dolls in Fashion Week
Member reactions:
They look like glued pieces. Is that the intention .
Excellent piece, but the shadows need more work I think. As of now the shadows make it look like the bodies are too flat and too close to the wall
Ariel.... How awesome to see you. Welcome back, kiddo.
Dramatic elements and fairly disturbing in an abandoned, haunted psychiatric hospital sort of way

Funny Kanye West the Fashion Expert

Kanye West the Fashion Expert
Kanye West is serving his hours of community service by lecturing about fashion.
Member reactions:
Supa cool fashion, bro. Did you watch the last episode of South Park - "Hobbit" with Kayne West. It's freaking hysterical.
the 5th spot too.. is that FIVE-fecta. Congrats again.
Great job.. Thought this was best of the bunch.
Thanks, 5th place a plastic trophy, Newsy.

Funny Fashion Model Digital Art

Fashion Model Digital Art
Mixed media.

Funny Women in a Fashion Show Digital Art

Women in a Fashion Show Digital Art
I found the beautiful background of this picture on the internet and thought it would make a lovely background for my two models. Mixed media
Member reactions:
Very Nice. I like this mixture and you've captured the sense of a fashion show.
The one on the right looks just like a girl I use to work with.

Funny Fashion and Technology

Fashion and Technology
Yuima Nakazato has long worked at the intersection of fashion and technology. Having made his name through 3D printing and digital fabrication, the Japanese designer is now pushing a new frontier: outer space. His latest collection, Harmonize -- which debuted at the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris -- is clearly inspired by the aesthetics of space travel. But, according to Nakazato, it also draws on the technology that allows astronauts to live and work in such difficult conditions. Create images of people wearing fashion that include technology. NOTE: NO POLITICIANS PLEASE! Also.. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

Funny Birds of Fashion

Birds of Fashion
Bird clothes are becoming popular among bird owners. People buy fashionable stuff for their birds, ranging from simple decorative clothes to whole hoodies and whole warm "flight suits" to keep their birds warm during winter. The full flight suits sport a so-called bird diaper bag, that needs to be emptied every 3-4 hours. This way the bird will not crap on anyone's head or neighbors' car. What will they think of next? Photoshop "birds of fashion", wearing any clothes, hats, glasses, and/or jewelry items.

Funny Art Fashion

Art Fashion
Surprising news from archaeology this week - recent excavations of ancient European settlement showed that women wore short tops and mini skirts as long as 7000 years ago. Such "modern" women's wardrobe was shown in the figurines of young women found at the excavation site. The findings prove that even prehistoric women dressed to impress and had passion for fashion. Let us prove that women and men had passion for fashion even in the old times. In this contest you are asked to change or add modern clothes to the characters in the following works of art - old paintings, drawings, or statues.

Funny Fashion

This Easter was the coldest on record in Minnesota as it was across most of the U.S. Fans at golf and baseball games were seen bundled up like it was the middle of winter. The National Weather Service is predicting the rest of April will be like Hillary Clinton - not so hot. In this contest you are asked to photoshop images with a mixture of winter and summer fashion. We are looking for a 50-50 wardrobe split either horizontally or vertically. Your fashion design can be shown in photoshopped photos, magazine covers, works or art, etc. Britney Spears no underwear may also be a fashion statement as long as you make it safe for work.

Funny Jail Fashion?

Jail Fashion?
[ Four inmates in an Italian women's prison near Milan used their jail time to create their own fashion line inspired by stripy prison design. About 50 creations were modeled on a Milan catwalk this week. ] Let us take a wild guess why some of the most famous fashion designers are Italians. They all served sentences, had too much time on their hands and made their fashion lines behind the bars. See, that's the difference between Americans and Italians - in the US you go to jail to serve time, in Italy you go to jail to become a fashion designer. They have a never ending supply of future designers on every street corner. The next time you are in Italy and get mugged, ask the mugger for his autograph. And those of you who wear Armani, Gucci, Versace, or Valentino, know there's always an extra pocket for a knife, even if we're talking about underwear. In this contest you are asked to photoshop clothes inspired by classic stripy prison design, or by modern prison clothes design. We aren't asking you to paste a person wearing a prison uniform into another image here. We are asking you to re-design clothing using the prison motif.

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