Hog Farmer
Hog Farmer
Hog Farmer. Member reactions:
Perfect, Mr.HH. Very sentimental country story here.

Funny Pi Farmer Albert

Pi Farmer Albert

Funny Farmer with an Ant Farm

Farmer with an Ant Farm

Funny Van Gogh the Farmer Growing Sunflowers

Van Gogh the Farmer Growing Sunflowers
Van Gogh helping with Sunflower harvest to earn money for his Absinthe and paints.

Funny Jeremy Clarkson the Farmer

Jeremy Clarkson the Farmer
Member reactions:
good one... well tried... the animals looks floating.. put some shadows beneath it
I agree with rajeshstar. Animals should les bright. Moreover, a thin white border is visible around his body mainly in the hat/head zone. Otherwise wery good chop.
Clarkson is chopped wonderfully. The pig and goat see to be levitating over the grass a bit. Congrats on the wood, HoHouse.
You are on a roll Mr. H. Congrats on the cyber woody.
Congrats. Gorgeous series of pictures. All very good.
Good work HH. I think all your hard work and perseverance is paying off. I see a steady increase in the quality of your chopping over the years. Grats on the woody.
Maybe the piglet and lamb have been eating cannabis.

Funny George Bush as a Mexican farmer in Taxes

George Bush as a Mexican farmer in Taxes
Member reactions:
Expression of Mrs Bush clearly shows her worried mind
Funny entry, but probably not texas....maybe Peru or Bolivia .

Funny Southern Gentleman and Peanut Farmer Jimmy Carter

Southern Gentleman and Peanut Farmer Jimmy Carter
"I will not answer any questions about a rabbit."

Funny Mona Lisa the Farmer

Mona Lisa the Farmer
Gioconda colhoznika eternal story of a single woman... eva,afrodita, diana,sara,elena,cleopatra,salomea,GIOCONDA,mata hari, chanel,garbo,marilyn,elizabeth taylor,halle berry,ronnia,kristina...or a thousand other...and perhaps one only,the most famous,enigmatic and smiling... the universal woman... GIOCONDA
Member reactions:
So good smile, obviously with those cabbage and backgrounds lovely green painting ^V^
A different approach to this painting. This is a different flavour of beauty.
Great job, of the administrators in keeping your voting stratagem in check.

Funny Farmer Bill Murray

Farmer Bill Murray
Member reactions:
Outstanding caricature. His expression is priceless.
awesome chop... good work on the brightness and finish well done
This is an excellent piece of work. I like the sign, "no chewing on the grass". It is going to be hard to choose my favourite this week again.
You dure have the touch with that studio lighting and soft shadowing. Magnificent technique.. Congrats on the silver.
Congrats on the Silver, great caricature of Bill.
You are such a big talent. So glad you are back chopping at FN. You raise the bar so high that it's hard to climb up there. I got you this time but probably just a fluke. Congrats.
Thanks All. Fluke or not LunaC you still got me...If I didn't get beat every now and then I probably get bored and go over to Worth, . It just makes me try harder next time.
Clean as a whistle, Funkster. You know what song starts playing in my head when I see this chop. "Cotton Eye Joe". Congrats on the silver.

Funny Michael Douglas The Farmer

Michael Douglas The Farmer
Member reactions:
Doesn't need to be netter than this. , good looking chop. Actually really, really, really good looking

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