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Funny Farm Pictures

Farm Subsidy ProgramFunny Farm Subsidy Program
Member reactions:
What you Growing Georgie.
There is something green around Michelles' hair
I like how you used Obama from the past contest

Feeding Time On The FarmFunny Feeding Time On The Farm
Member reactions:

Guy with Yellow hat is so dedicated
Awesome.... a mew way of feeding the kittens great view... and funky idea of getting the milk directly
Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, eric. Thanks, rajeshstar.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Hilarious and very creative.
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, DDB. Thanks, Andrew.

Farm GirlFunny Farm Girl
Member reactions:

Nice Outfit Nice shades too clean and neat

Back to the FarmFunny Back to the Farm
Member reactions:

THE “OFFICE” FINALE Critic's notebook: 'The Office' turns out the lights BEST VIEW stocks
fantastic job VERY CLEAN AND NEAT. Good Caricature
Awesome chop.... great to see Steve and his prototype with pins attached all the body
Congratulations winning the gold Quarter, Great caricature of Dwight Schrut, my fav sitcom..
Congrats Qtrmoonshop. Nice to be up here on the front page with you. We got shorted though. Next to the bottom, won't be around here for long. Lol. Almost didn't see it. ; )
Either you or pcrdds must have some pull around here to get us put back up top. Lol. ; )
Pretty cool, heavy manips, goofy and artsy wins every time Congrads
Thank you kindly, all ye fine choppers. ... I'm going to miss "The Office" ... Great show with a lot of great characters .

Farm Science Review Animal-to-HumanFunny Farm Science Review Animal-to-Human
Member reactions:

Farm Science Review to discuss animal-to-human diseases
Ever saw this type of skin color of Rhino... well illuminated and bright sky ... good news entry

Wind Farm in Van Gogh PaintingFunny Wind Farm in Van Gogh Painting
Member reactions:

"Seems like the new ones are going out of fashion as well."

Joe Biden Cowboy on Turkey FarmFunny Joe Biden Cowboy on Turkey Farm
Member reactions:

How to get the freshest turkey
Lots of work and creative. Love the turkey birds.
Thanks, Sunshin3. Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks,dsbinfo2011. Thanks, deaddog.
Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, ericnorthend. Thanks, ArchNemesiS.
Congrats Paul. Cowboy Joe's Turkey Roping Ranch. What will you think of next.
Congratulations Cowpoke. Mighty fine work here.
paul a fantastic bronze... congrats, yoou deserve
Thanks, dd. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Riccardo.
Way to go Paul , Loved this one you did ...
Gobble gobble, this is goood. I always knew Joe had a thing for turkeys Congrats on the bronze, Paul.

Farm Girl and Friends Late For Their PromFunny Farm Girl and Friends Late For Their Prom
Member reactions:

Nothing beats a small town Prom.
Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the nice comments.
Great work. I can c, how much efforts you put into this. all the best.
Very beautiful work, congrats on the silver.
Thanks, PixJockey. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3.
Hilarious and very clever. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. Let me know if you want to be her Prom date.

Tom Green on the FarmFunny Tom Green on the Farm
Member reactions:

Decent caricature, but try to stay away from liquify tool. The modern caricature technique does not use it.
many thanks newsmaster, the instrument, do not use it thins, more, use only the warp, but soon publish what I'm realization in digital painting, made ​​from scratch with a graphics tablet, I recently received, according to the book design by Jason Seiler, best regards and many thanks.
a few months ago, looking at the caricature, made ​​from the photos, showed the cuts, as if it were made ​​sections split, cut, and then manipulated in order to cover the cuts, clear cuts, are seen only in CRT monitors. the LCD, low price, not showed cuts, so I understand, that one should not use the liquify, or if you want to use, only then covered with digital painting, with a stiff brush, after this I noticed that the the best photos were those with high-quality source, and this, personally, seen as a limit, so I decided to start studying, with the tablet, by obtaining poor results in those made so far today I started by working on the skulls, advises Jason to work on the bones, muscles and then on: the caricature and a very old tradition, especially in France, Fortunately I started painting with oil paints to 6 years, I caricature designed for tourists, for a few years, as a child, but when I tried it on photoshop, ihhihihihih a disaster .... In fact, now I'm dedicated to the study of digital painting.

Queen at Cheap Royal Wedding on a FarmFunny Queen at Cheap Royal Wedding on a Farm
Member reactions:

Happy cheap lil party

Alligator FarmFunny Alligator Farm - Photoshop African alligator farm image any way you wish. Examples may include taking the alligator out of this image and pacing it somewhere else, changing alligator for another animal, men or object; or photoshopping the man on the picture. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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