Trump Funny Farm
Trump Funny Farm
Trump Funny Farm.

Funny down on the old farm

down on the old farm
Member reactions:
Grandpa use to tell me stories about plowing behind one of these before they had tractors.

Funny This is our farm...

This is our farm...
Member reactions:
You should eliminate "Douglas" from the basket.

Funny Farmer with an Ant Farm

Farmer with an Ant Farm

Funny Farm Animal Training

Farm Animal Training
Member reactions:
The first milking tiger I have ever seen.

Funny The Nitty Gritty Groundhog Band on the Farm

The Nitty Gritty Groundhog Band on the Farm
Member reactions:
Wonderful setting and mood color scheme is magnificent maybe just flop back the writing on the guitar so it reads correctly - small detail
There you go QT, I fixed the ukulele...I knew it was backwards. Sometimes I'll leave little things like that just to see if anyone's paying attention, .
It's still backwards on the inside label, but that's an even smaller nitpick heh, heh what's funny is, I noticed the writing right away even on the small view, but I didn't notice that it was a uke - Lol
. It's a bit tougher to flip the inside label... the strings are in the way. We'll have to live with it...But dude you must have better eyes than mine. I can't even read the inside label in full view. I like your discerning eye though.
I purchased my magnifier from this guy
Gonna start calling you Wheatwood with all these vintage farm type themes This is frigging gorgeous, mate.
HA......... Yes, magnifier's are available for purchase...only $499 plus shipping and handling. . Great "Funktiferous" work here.
I'll give it a "" too' and tell that one in the back to Pull up his pants. Nobody wants to see his butt.
Congrads on the Gold Cup, always on top, beauiful work, I just have fun thanks for the comments.
Great Job Funk. It's absolutely fantastic. Love the lighting. Pure Gold.
Golden Congrats, Funkety Dunk By now you must have about as many gold trophies as them wheat berries there in the picture Really enjoying the show.
Thanks all....I'll probably run out of steam eventually QT...I keep going while I have the inspiration.
Congrats, Dan. This is hallmark or print quality.
You need to do a children's book. Another masterpiece.

Funny Animal Farm with Half a Horse Trotting

Animal Farm with Half a Horse Trotting
Member reactions:
The guy there is half redneck too. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, hobbit, Newsy and Tim. Naw, he's FULL redneck, Newsy.

Funny Hillbilly Goats On the Farm

Hillbilly Goats On the Farm
Member reactions:
This is the cutest pic, good luck, looks like a winner.
Fantastic sweet chop. I'm in love with this one.
This is Awesome... goat couple... just married
Gold Congrats, Funkwood. I call Fowl.... No wait...these are goats, then it's all good. Too Good FW. You Da man.
sweetness all around, funkwood. hard not to fall in love with this picture. congrats again mr. i'm getting a sense of deja vu here, haha.
I love this pic, knew it was a winner, congrats.

Funny A Hipp Turkey on the Farm

A Hipp Turkey on the Farm
A turkey, a turkey neck, and a turkopotomus
Member reactions:
Brilliant hahahahahaha, that looks so stupid... I love it
Consider the Author...the apple didn't fall too far from the tree on this one.
For what I can see he is useful for something e
i thought is was a pcrdds chop. good humor, azwoodbox.
Thanx Wanderer, pcrdds, jeremix. I think the doc has shadows down way better than I do.
Congrats Azwoodbox... Thats a nice bunch of turkeys...
Thanx all for having just a little too much wine with thanksgiving dinner and voting this chop up to third.
Congrats on the bronze, AZ. That's one turkey right up the FN (barn) valley

Funny Rooster on a Farm

Rooster on a Farm
Member reactions:
What happened . . . This is nice too, but I have to admit I preferred the owl version it was a real hoot (someone had to say it)
Thanks, QMS. I liked the Owl too. Unfortunately he was taken out by the 2nd Comanche arrow. But seriously ....the resolution of the owl was really bad and I couldn't find a better version.
I like the cat watching the rooster. The caterpillar on the wooden wagon wheel is a cute touch too. The rooster looks like he's really posturing with his puffed up chest.
Fantastic work, but did you somehow rearrange the rooster's body - he seems anatomically twisted.
i miss the owl. this is awesome too, of course.
Thanks very much, Everybody. I had loads of fun.
Excellent. Very nice work. Congrats on the top 5... Only 5/10 of a point between us
I had a feeling, but I really wasn't sure if this was you SS I wonder how this one would have initially hit me, had I not seen the owl version first. I understand though, wanting to have the highest res possible. It's too bad, I liked the look of the owl with the hat & shades smoking a stogie. Lot of good stuff in this FS. Top 5
Thanks Guys. I appreciate your comments. "Owl vs. Rooster" I really enjoy your opinions. I liked the Owl too, but I'm certain I ended up with the better of the two images. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.

Funny Alligator Farm

Alligator Farm
Photoshop African alligator farm image any way you wish. Examples may include taking the alligator out of this image and pacing it somewhere else, changing alligator for another animal, men or object; or photoshopping the man on the picture. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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