Animal Farm
Animal Farm
Animal Farm. Member reactions:
The guy there is half redneck too. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, hobbit, Newsy and Tim. Naw, he's FULL redneck, Newsy.

Funny Cow Conquistador on a Farm

Cow Conquistador on a Farm
A Spanish Conquistador Cow. This Renegade Explorer has discovered the original Chick-fil-A. Source Images
Member reactions:
Thanks Evirio. Thank you Sass.
Excellent Image, perfect fixing of all parts
Thanks Gummy. Did you know the term cowabunga was first coined in the 50's by Chief Thunderthud of the Howdy Doody Show. Enjoy Chief Thunderthud
Thank you very much Eric. Thanks Sulli. Much appreciated.
Very nice, love the cow and congrats on the win.
Thanks Balo, NewsM, Evirio, Geri, Hobbit , Gumster, Doc Paul, and Elegary. Thanks one million Everyone. I appreciate all the fantastic comments and votes. This was A super fun contest.
Congrats on Gold Splats... it's MooooRRRifffic..
Holy Cow. we must have posted at the same time. Thanks Jim.
Gold Congrats Splat … Great composition and execution, and I love the color and tone … It might have looked even better if the resolution quality of the cow matched that of its outfit … and are you meaning to say "eat more chicken" on your sign. If so, I believe it would read "coma más pollo" … Splendid chop nonetheless.
Congratulations on the gold, SS. Cute chop, well done and W2G.
Thanks QMS, I agree with you on the quality of the cow. I am not an expert on the Spanish language, but the best that I can tell "coma" and "comer" translate (via Google translator) into the same word "eat". Possibly you can explain the difference to me... Thanks again..
I believe that "comer más pollo" translates in English as "to eat more chicken", and "coma más pollo" translates as "eat more chicken" … and keep in mind, much to my dismay, I may be the king of nitpicking
Thanks problem. What the hay, cows can't spell anyway.
Just to set the record strait Billy, for me if for no-one else. I spoke to a Spanish speaking, bilingual co-worker today. Who incidentally had reviewed this picture before the contest voting began. And she assures me that "comer" is the proper form of the word in this context.

Funny Homage to George Orwell's Animal Farm

Homage to George Orwell's Animal Farm
Original version contained Hitler image.
Member reactions:
Clever composition. Faces and bodies not always match
Thanks, Luciano. You are right about the bodies and faces. Wish I was better at this kind of thing.
great leaders turning into animals really funny scene to see this
I like the composition. As Luciano said the heads blending needs more work. Also I think the text'd better go in the author's comment section rather than on the image.

Funny Wind Farm in a Monet Painting

Wind Farm in a Monet Painting

Funny Foster Farms Ambulance

Foster Farms Ambulance
Foster Farms chicken sickens nearly 300 with salmonella
Member reactions:
It really looks like he is inside the van and the text looks good.

Funny Farm Girl in Jeans Painting

Farm Girl in Jeans Painting
Member reactions:
Nice Outfit Nice shades too clean and neat

Funny Military Offensive in the Farm Land

Military Offensive in the Farm Land
Member reactions:
Thinker's chop, creativity and innovations mix with smooth skill of PS Lovely work
Great down to every pixel. I like how you even made blood stains on her dress. Congrats on the bronze, crusader.

Funny New Holland Farm Machinery in Vincent van Gogh Painting

New Holland Farm Machinery in Vincent van Gogh Painting
Member reactions:
good one... the land rower atleast clean the land .. good include of modern object in his painting

Funny Farm Science Review Animal-to-Human

Farm Science Review Animal-to-Human
Farm Science Review to discuss animal-to-human diseases
Member reactions:
Ever saw this type of skin color of Rhino... well illuminated and bright sky ... good news entry

Funny Wind Farm in Van Gogh Painting

Wind Farm in Van Gogh Painting
"Seems like the new ones are going out of fashion as well."

Funny Alligator Farm

Alligator Farm
Photoshop African alligator farm image any way you wish. Examples may include taking the alligator out of this image and pacing it somewhere else, changing alligator for another animal, men or object; or photoshopping the man on the picture. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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