Fargo TV Series Caricature
Fargo TV Series Caricature
Fargo TV Series Caricature. Stock image Trailer Malvo at the bar .
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Hahahaah I won't say a word other than congrats on the bronze, Marco
Quality work, glad to see you back Marco. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny South Park Fargo

South Park Fargo
You Betcha
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Very nice. But snow could use some definition.
Really. Okay Whiteout I could easily drop snow definition in the background but I think it is technically more true to the original movie poster without it. Thanks for the comment 420.
I had in my mind to do some similar, but this is too good. Good luck.
Truly a wonderful work. I would just make the head way bigger to really follow the South Park bodily proportions
Many thanks to Msgtbob,Wanderer,Doc,Sulli, Newsmaster ,Lucianomorelli, eric, Champ, Balodiya,420, and Skitterchick
Congrats on the bronze Hitspinner Sorry, I didn't see the movie & forgot about your do not critique preference
Genius idea, chopping Fargo with S.P. And done with a Masters touch. Bronze Congrats Hits
Thank you 420.

Funny Fargo Movie Caricatures

Fargo Movie Caricatures
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Hi, I just joined today and I am very impressed with your entry. What program(s) did you use. I would love to learn... Thanks.
Thanks. I use Photoshop CS5, but it costs...If you want to try something similar that's freeware try GIMP. You can get it at CNET download.com or other places...Welcome to FN and good luck.
Well now, this is a dog gone real beauty now isn't it, oh yeah, sure, you betcha a real winner, don't ya know. It'll make the number one stamp, for sure. and it's a beautiful day
Great Caricature,my fav in this contest to win,good luck and congrats in advance
Excellent work.... Fiercy look giving by the three resembles they wanted to kill somebody the blood spills, cash and the axe creates a scary look to the poster Well done.... winner 10+++
Masters job done here The three of the looks stunning All the three with different characte is superb For Money a man can do everything
A masterpiece, One more asset to FN. Every pixel deserve the Highest score... I am AMAZED.. Eye of the Rightmost man is Out of the Box. AWESOME.
Great work on this funko great work on the caricatures and an excellent overall tone capturing a good sense of the film's character nice touch making the Bill Macy character's eyes look at the axe GOLD CONGRATS.
Congrats on the gold, Funkster. Stunning work based on stunning movie.
The remake of Fargo in Funkvision... Real pro dicing and slicing Mr.D.

Funny Submarine in Fargo Floods

Submarine in Fargo Floods
I know the folks in Fargo are in dire straights, but who isnt with the state of the world right now; if we cant laugh a little bit at whats going on, were in more trouble than we know. Source Images

Funny Girl in Fargo Flood

Girl in Fargo Flood
Thousands Flee Fargo as Floodwaters Surge in North Dakota Image Sources
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Splendid work...i am speechless seeing this ...added in my favorite list
Automatic fav.
Hands down - best of show. Fantastic mood.
Great job, but I heard it was 7 degrees up there.
There's some snow in the background and the likelyhood of a major breaches will be this coming Friday, when it hits near 40. Also if you're wading in water, you're most likely to have been caught by surprise. It's was a matter of grabbing a wet coat or saving the bunny.
Congrats Rain. Sad, tragic, dramatic and beautiful all wrapped up in one amazing image..
wonderful work rain this make you feel their peril . congrats
Breathtaking and heart-wrenching in the same shot. Congrats on a well deserved gold. Fantastic.
Love the stage lighting effect, AZ. You did good putting this message out. Congrads on the gold
Beautiful AZ, on so many levels. congrats.
This is one of the best i've seen yet.......As always with your pic this is tops.
Thanks all for the comments Let's hope the sandbags hold...
This absolutely breath taking.. wonderful job on the execution.

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