Childhood Fantasy
Childhood Fantasy
Childhood Fantasy. Member reactions:
Congrads on the Silver, always excellent work.
Silver Grats
Awesome Work, Cos. Lots of Hitman style here brother. Congrats it's a beaut.
, I don't care for Bernie, but your Little Bernie is adorable, good one, Congrats..
Thanks Splat, hobbit and Bob appreciated

Funny When fantasy overcomes reality

When fantasy overcomes reality
Member reactions:
Congrats on the trophy, Luciano nice work.

Funny Escape from Fantasy Land

Escape from Fantasy Land

Funny Fantasy Christmas Digital Art

Fantasy Christmas Digital Art
Member reactions:
Looks like A Holly Jolly Christmas. Fun Chop.
Great Christmas party here. Merry Christmas, Hidden.
Thanks Slapshot,thanks Newsie. Merry Christmas
Amazingly good andwhat... Merry Christmas.
Thanks Slapshot,Merry Christmas to you too.

Funny Fantasy Balloon Flight For Disabled Boy

Fantasy Balloon Flight For Disabled Boy
Photographer helps disabled kid fly Photo Credit and Idea: Matej Peljhan
Member reactions:
... lovely and nice colorful balloons the Kid is going to get more in the sky very funny

Funny Pandora Fantasy

Pandora Fantasy
Member reactions:
Out standing idea and perfectly executed. Smooth and very nice effects make is so live
An outer world Pandora... Amazing beautiful blue bird is decorated as a women So Lovely..... so beautiful... Excellent use of the frame and the bridge and the creepers falling down the bridge is truly amazing
great chop funkwood...we never stood a chance
fantastic job, congrats on the gold funkwood
Incredible. Reminds me of Avatar too. Congrats on the gold, funkster.

Funny Fantasy Olympic Torch

Fantasy Olympic Torch
used several different sources
Member reactions:
Great to see both in their bare legs.... very clever and like the innovative of putting that different flame over that torch..

Funny Brick Gates Fantasy

Brick Gates Fantasy
What if Joe was the man.
Member reactions:
I know it is a statue, but should the certain body parts be hidden.
Yikes. Also, the bottom portion is not matched very well. Still time to fix.

Funny Fantasy Warrior

Fantasy Warrior
Member reactions:
Wonderful so lovely image like this chop

Funny The Age Of Fantasy

The Age Of Fantasy
At one point of a kids life, this would be his fantasy..
Member reactions:
This really a good job on the donkey and the look given to the kid is really a good one
Nice Costume the little one looks amazing

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