Fans of Leicester
Fans of Leicester
Fans of Leicester. Fans of Leicester

Funny Manchester United Fan Bear Driving to the Game

Manchester United Fan Bear Driving to the Game

Funny Yogi Berra Waving Goodbye to Baseball Fans

Yogi Berra Waving Goodbye to Baseball Fans
Member reactions:
My Fav. Edit: Gold grats.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Wonderful caricature and tribute
Thanks, everyone. I grew up watching Yogi play.

Funny Barack Obbama the Andy Warhol Art Fan

Barack Obbama the Andy Warhol Art Fan
Joe Biden's portrait is not finished. I started and Obama continued. He is still working.
Member reactions:
Thanks, Nanny. Can Obama be good for anything. All his projects failed anyway.
A change from his finger-painting diversion-eh. Clean work.
Nice Job.All pictures are very clear. It's new style of Obama.They can do everything .
Once upon a time The Greatest Job done by an Art Fan of Warho... Nice colorful and different shades of Obama seen here
Thank you, Rajeshstar. I hope Obama will finish painting before end of contest.
Thank you, Paul. Thank you, Destonio. We will continue creating our opuses on the FreakingNews until we like to do it.
Congrats on the gold, Wanderer. Another 15 minutes of fame for ya. Pro work here.

Funny Biggest Taylor Swift Fan Dressed in Womens Underwear

Biggest Taylor Swift Fan Dressed in Womens Underwear
Taylor Swift 'biggest fan' contest canceled after 39-year-old man wins
Member reactions:

Funny Obama with a Gun Fan

Obama with a Gun Fan
Member reactions:
His face is perfectly fits to that hair style

Funny Juventus Fan Camouflaged Zebra

Juventus Fan Camouflaged Zebra
Full View Please..
Member reactions:
..... Zebra is also one of the team members.... good stripes design and funny to see Jeep imprinted into that animal
Excellent choppage. But friggin 5th. I hate 5th. I got hundreds. Rather be 10th We should have a cup for 5th. I award you an imaginary 5th cup and Vlad will give you a pat on the back. We'll call it the FAM cup for F---------g All Most.

Funny Alien Disney Fan

Alien Disney Fan
Alien Disney's fan disguised to fit....
Member reactions:
Freaky cool
add 200 LBS and she would look just like my 1st wife.
Lol, Really., at least she hasn't ears, that could be an interesting thing .
I know her too, the alien is in the castle .
Cool. Creepy cool
The eyes looks like Eagle Eyes and awesome chop
U scared my wife Hidden ....but not me bcoz I know their makeup is always as u have shown here
Those are your cat's eyes... It's freaking possessed then. You need to get as far away from that thing as possible hahahahahaahahah Listen, since the contest is over I want to know if you were happy with the hair treatment. I think the chop is amazing but my attention stuck on the hair on the figure's left side. Other than that, .
HS, my cat is the sweetest thing, those eyes in his cute cat face are not as freaky. And as a longtime "chopper", I know there's nothing that can't be improved, I'm always on the "quest" of "miracle treatments" (and when I say miracle I mean relatively quick ones) I try to do my best with the little time left I have... I'll be more than happy if you share your "science". Thanks for your comment.
Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh, I miss my Elvis. I think he met with a coyote that wouldn't take any of his crap RIP we loved him. So I know how sweet they can be. I love cats and dogs. Well, true quality work takes a little more time. So the faster you can get to the end of a chop the better. My approach to hair is very simple. I select 3 colors from the existing hair. A dark, a medium and a light. I select the smallest solid round brush, select a density/pressure of 40-60% and try to match the proper length in complete strokes making sure I don't have too much of any one color unless it is applicable. Then I select the smudge tool on 13 and scrub lightly until i get a soft blend of pixels. Once that is smudged to a general blend I repeat the process with a highlight color.
Thank you HS. I'll try next time. Good chopping.

Funny Michelangelo's Statue of David as a Green Bay Football Fan

Michelangelo's Statue of David as a Green Bay Football Fan
Member reactions:
Nice colorful mix of job done good one it's look nice
Out of the box, fantastic coloring and cool look I like it
Fun-freaking-tastic chop. Total David remake. Congrats on the gold, Luna.

Funny Dakota Fanning With a Machine Gun

Dakota Fanning With a Machine Gun
Dakota Fanning used as model.
Member reactions:
Someone has something with them, so she is praying to be safe in the school good work on the Rifle with color matching to her dress Nice freaky color given to school good job done
Ha ha ha ha, I like the color chosen for cute College girl here since Pink is favorite to Girls

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