a Bieber Fan
a Bieber Fan
a Bieber Fan. Member reactions:
Nice to look him under the seal of Govt.... looks dashing and daring for the elections... all the best... well done hidden in this chop., its cool..
Best of all, Super work with clear and clean touch. Good posture
Congratulations. thought this was gold, great perspective, great everything....
Congrtas excelente image, my favorite in this constest
Silver congrats, Sal. Perfect and nice done.
This rocks. Congrats on the silver, Salis.

Funny Canadian Fan

Canadian Fan

Funny Pac-Man Fan

Pac-Man Fan
LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street big Pac-Man Fan. HI-RES VIEW
Member reactions:
Best entry I guess, freaking awesome work with the lights and colors with great chop.. Eye, mouth background every pixel of this entry is perfect, good luck my friend
Good work like the eyes and the wooly body very well done
Many thanks to everyone. Special thanks to Newsy, for the theme-post and Picture of the Day honors.

Funny Los Angeles Lakers Fan Jack Nicholson

Los Angeles Lakers Fan Jack Nicholson
Member reactions:
Very well done with the caricatured face and the Ball... good job on this chop

Funny Hamster Super Bowl Fan

Hamster Super Bowl Fan
Who's Winning.
Member reactions:
So sweet. Beautiful work, great tag with good concept.
Nice job, but I was thinking Green Bay and a cheesehead
hoo ho ho soooo sweet mousey with the ground nuts very funny

Funny Paris Hilton Surrounded by Fans

Paris Hilton Surrounded by Fans
Member reactions:
This meeting of the Paris Hilton Fan Club will now come to order.
Nice work good chop I became a fan too
Thanks for the comments LunaC, AzureSky and ericnorthend.
Paris is hot and hugely popular. Her many fans prove it.

Funny Barack Obama the Big Elvis Fan

Barack Obama the Big Elvis Fan
Member reactions:
nice freaky look and very well done with hair, it's rocks
Big fan with Biggest head, Cousion of Obama. So good.

Funny Michelle Obama the Super Mario Fan

Michelle Obama the Super Mario Fan
Member reactions:
Thanks guys. Merci ami.
oo0cns0oo very funny.. i think my kids play this,, congratulations..

Funny President Putin and Fans

President Putin and Fans
Russia's Putin set to return as president in 2012
Member reactions:
Hilarious. Bush's head needs to be bigger though

Funny Cat Rock Fan

Cat Rock Fan
Member reactions:
Diamonds, Nany thanks a lot...hope nobody mind I made some changes...
I liked it better the other way, but the other way was more house music than rock. I wish you had left the two colors of eyes tho. Still a really cool picture.
Thank you Bianca , Ganmerlad I changed the eye color again
Funny stuff . . . nicely done . . . a little salt & pepper . . .
Great work overall, but I would not blur the cat's head that much
Thanks a lot Newsy but I didn't blur it, the source was like that, please look here http://oi52.tinypic.com/2nkubsi.jpg

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