The famous dolphin's smile
The famous dolphin's smile
The famous dolphin's smile. Member reactions:
I keep thinking of Mr Limpet.. Congratsss Denlig...
Congrats on the Silver, Bronze (best of the bunch, in my opinion), and Wood.
Had cup all over it, Congrats on the trifecta, Bronze kudos
3 cups at a time, I can't believe it . Thank you all

Funny Famous French courtesan Nicolas Sarkozy

Famous French courtesan Nicolas Sarkozy

Funny Famous American gymnast and her coach

Famous American gymnast and her coach

Funny The famous mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa

The famous mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa
Member reactions:
I love how she beams(comes alive).. congrats Wanderer..
Congrats on the Wood, lovely job, but please no chopping next 4 years
Do you know why Elegary's second place work was removed from American Paintings contest. What's wrong.

Funny Canada's Famous Handsome Men

Canada's Famous Handsome Men
L to R Michael Buble, Ryan Gosling, Justin Trudeau, Eric Mc Cormick, Justin Bieber, Alex Trebek

Funny Famous European Clowns Putin and Merkel

Famous European Clowns Putin and Merkel
Member reactions:
Nice one Andrew, did you borrow HoHouse's bear. Hahahah. You know, I have that same belt in my closet. I bought it in 1989 at Boon mall.
Bear is the symbol or Russia, but it is hungry and sick bear today. Russian privet soldier's belt you have. Thank you CraftyOne, Lucianomorelli and Hitspinner.

Funny Famous Women on $10 Bill

Famous Women on $10 Bill
Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, Beatrix Kiddo and Trinity
Member reactions:
Great touch with the coffee stain and the carvings, Excellent.
Congratulations on the win, oo0. Great Idea, and in setting your build apart from the crowd.
Congrats oo00oo, the best entry won the Gold. Great piece of work.
Congrats on the gold, cns. Love this chop.
Thank you.

Funny Man Steals Famous Picasso Artwork

Man Steals Famous Picasso Artwork
Man accused of stealing a Picasso and other artwork
Member reactions:
Freaking Awesome luv it.
Art of Stealing and Art of PS. Cool composition and very brilliant placement of each object. Good luck
Good one Doc. Always expect the best from U
Congrats on the Bronze pcrdds.keep going mate.
Congratulations on the Bronze and Wood pcrdds.
Thanks, Mr. X. Thanks, Pree. Thanks, Bmore.
Hahaha, we know this man. And he even has a signed photo by Picasso himself. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, we know this man. He must be put behind bars.
Ye3p, nice looking choppage and congradulations on the cup.

Funny Famous Photo with an Alien

Famous Photo with an Alien
Hey Dude.. it's my turn..
Member reactions:
sucks being the third wheel, but alien seems fine with it.
Alien looks like he is waiting for sloppy seconds.
, fantastic work clear and conceptual Good job

Funny Francois Hollande & Famous French Things

Francois Hollande & Famous French Things
Francois is running for all that is France. How many distinctly french things can you spot in this picture. Here's a list: 1. Francois Hollande 2. French Flag painted on his face 3. French beret 4. Fleur de Lis on beret 5. French Horn 6. Michelin Man Body 7. French Wine in hand 8. The Eiffel Tower 9. The Arc de Triomphe 10. The Concorde SST Airplane 11. Surrender Flag Sterotype 12. Crepes/French Toast Stand 13. Citroen automobile 14. French perfume 15. Escargot (Snails delicacy) 16. French poodle (pink, of course) 17. The Tour de France Bicycle Race 18. French Bread-baguettes 19. French Cheeses 20. Pommes Frites aka French fries 21. Statue of Liberty-Gift from France to USA 22. Cobblestone streets 23. Legendary disdain for the British--Union Jack on sole of boot
Member reactions:
What no kitchen sink. That's a lot of chopping
"Back up the truck, Mac. We got more Frog-junk for Frenchy chop." Just kidding... a busy compilation for sure;good luck.
List doesn't matter, things matter and you have done both, Cheers.. Every chop is unique and perfect at all. Love the way you put together, lots of effort. Good luck
Lot of work done in this chop, really appreciate to collect all the 23 items and put it together in one frame, like your chop hidden
Excellent Stuff The list seems to be very Big Great job done
Maybe I shouldn't have included the list.
Truly, a French feast for the eyes. Luv it.
Congrats LunaC . My favorite in this contest .
Whoa...this musta made a last minute surge. It was in 2nd place last time I checked. Thanks for the votes and comments.
Great chop LunaC lots of sources with lots of great details, Gold Congrats.

Funny Famous Logos

Famous Logos
Could big brands save millions of dollars a year and help preserve the environment just by slightly changing their logos? French graphic designer Sylvain Boyer thinks so, and he's started a project to demonstrate it. All it takes, he says, is to redesign the logos to use less ink. Since corporate giants print them so frequently and on so many different materials, just a small change can have a huge effect. Freakers can do better! It's your turn to redesign famous logos. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more information about the logo redesignsVisit This Link

Funny Famous Fat People

Famous Fat People
When it comes to fat people and celebrities who might be gaining weight more than others? What politicians or celebrities are becoming fat people - show us overweight "famous faces" from around the world.

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