False step
False step
False step.

Funny Sarah Palin with False Teeth

Sarah Palin with False Teeth
Member reactions:
Great Job. I love the teeth in the glass.
Very cool she looks perfect without those unreal teeth
Congrats on woody double win luciano, super clean work
Great double. Teeth in the glass looks good.

Funny Hillary Clinton Without Her False Teeth

Hillary Clinton Without Her False Teeth
Come on Hilly, put your teeth in and give Obamie some love, they'll forget about Benghazi.Please View Full
Member reactions:
Hillary without Makeup and see her Teeth
Hillary's teeth, and Obama's teeth scary me here. Congrats on the wood, Hobbit.

Funny Harold Camping The False Prophet

Harold Camping The False Prophet
This man's a real nut case. Forget the numbers Harold and read the BIBLE.
Member reactions:
Nice chop. Only five days left. Cry mightily unto god.
Whoever Harold is, the Bible won't help him much either unless he can get showers of pennies from Heaven or should that be trillions.
Amen.Maybe, this joker could keep guessing and sooner or later get it right.The funny thing is, the odd ball people that follows along with this,these nuts leave thier crap everywhere.It's like chicken little thinking the sky is falling.
Oh yeah, 4 days left now. Gonna be one Hecka - a week in news contest.
This old fart thinks the world will end May 21th. He did the same thing back in the 90s.

Funny Barack Obama Begger Gave False Hope

Barack Obama Begger Gave False Hope
Please view full
Member reactions:
"Really Great Image Manip', but that Cut & Stick typography really lets it down, it's worth a revise in my humble opinion."
I don't get what u mean Wiz, everything looks like pretty perfect, the font work is typical demotivator style...
Wiz...What is "Cut & Stick" typography." Looks pretty freaking perfect to me.
"Hands up, any of you loyal supporters that's ever been a typographer, or even a lowly Advertising Art Director.". (by the way: My comments were made as a constructive critique that any Creative Director would give to some errant visualiser in his art department... Been There Done That.)
Wiz, are you refering me as being errant. And (you're) a "Creative Director"... Been there and done what.
Love the Ears. I could care less about print style but, personally, I like fingerpainting letters with my girlfriend's fingernail polish. The, only, drawback is that it sticks to my monitor. Whatever-Very High Marks.
Hahahaha. geriatric, I didn't know you had such a sence of humor.
I don't need to be a typographer nor a lowly advertiser to know when something is pleasing to my eyes & as it seems it's all to pleasing to others also. You say "constructive critique" where is it, can u suggest a better font/layout, that is what I consider constructive, also it is the the typical de-motivator font style that's all over the web :/
Just be happy hidden that you spelled everything right, unlike me, or s#.t would have really hit the fan..
Ha ha ha ha all the way to the toilet. I couldn't figure out what that was in his nose until I viewed full............ SNOT BUBBLE..
Yse u idi daegdog ew udnretsood ervrey wrod
Stunning piece. I ain't no art director but the font looks good to me That is not to say there can't be a better typography for this piece, but I like what I see. The yellow color chosen for the title text fits perfectly too.
Congrats. Creative work, all the details are great.
Was one of my favorite you did, CONGRATS and hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
Congratulations RWPike. You,obviously,stimulate the masses with your 'Blood & Donuts' approach to Art.
Pretty outstanding art, RW.
Congrats on the gold RWpike...love that....
If I could HALF this good I'd be pickled tink.

Funny Man Finds His False Teeth in a Bottle

Man Finds His False Teeth in a Bottle
The man without teeth was created with a torso (not old), the old head, two different arms and wrinkled skin I found on old hands which I warped and cloned to put all over the body.
Member reactions:
Thanks, DD...I appreciate that comment. How'd you know "twisted" is my middle name.
Lots of work here and it shows. The composition is hilarious.
You dog. He must have gotten drunk as New Jersey to spit his teeth into the bottle.
dd...That only happens in Jersey.
Way to go pcrdds, looks like you're on a roll.
cool work pcrdds love it and looks so funny , congrats on the bronze and keep going
Lol P. this is just hilarious, Teeth-less Congrats ( Congratshshsh )
Greart humor. Glad to see it did well. The funny ones have not done so well lately it seems to me
Thanks for all the nice comments, Disaster, Kratos, salis and Hitspinner. I'm obliged to only do "funny." That's who and what I am. Life is too short not to laugh as much as possible.
Congrats on the bronze, brilliant concept...
Congrats on the bronze, pcrdds. P.S. "He11" is automatically converted to New Jersey by our FN filter
Thanks, Newsy. Poor New Jersey, always being picked on, even by FN.
congrats great work... hahaha it's so funny.

Funny Demi Moore with Her False Teeth in a Glass

Demi Moore with Her False Teeth in a Glass
Member reactions:
She looks more older than at 50 might be the effect of Global Warming

Funny False Idols Michelangelo Painting

False Idols Michelangelo Painting

Funny Pac-Man False Start

Pac-Man False Start

Funny False Teeth Biting an Apple

False Teeth Biting an Apple

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