Nuclear Fallout on the Yellow Brick Road
Nuclear Fallout on the Yellow Brick Road
Nuclear Fallout on the Yellow Brick Road. And Toto too.
Member reactions:
How can it be.. this is very interesting work with the background and further the masks to them. Love this idea

Funny FallOut Of Presidential Election

FallOut Of Presidential Election
can't think of anything clever.
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Impressive work. and we'll still have to survive the end of the world in on December 21, 2012.

Funny Fallout Intruder

Fallout Intruder
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Genius work. I like this way better than the original painting. Has some kick ass sci-fi feel to it.
Congrats on yet another gold, Xaos. You never stop to amaze us.
A Big Thank You everyone.. glad you liked it.
Congrats on gold, Xaos . Very cool entry .
You don't scare me with that hair dryer at all. I see you have classical taste in composition. This is a good sign. Very well done chop, worthy of gold.
Excellent work, lighting effects are nice. Congrats.
Congrats on the trophy. I agree your lighting effects are great.
Full view is awesome. I especially like the light beam from the helmet.

Funny Ancient Fallout Shelter

Ancient Fallout Shelter
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