Peter Falk as Columbus
Peter Falk as Columbus
Peter Falk as Columbus. EXCUSE ME LORD ... WHICH WAY IS AMERICA PLEASE ....... ...FROM THAT PART ........ MANY THANKS LORD .....
Member reactions:
GREAT. I'd curve the "Santa Maria" to fit the contour of the ship. Otherwise, PERFECTION.
Wonderful masterpiece , but i agree with pcrdds ...
Great Chop, Edit looks perfect,very skillful.
Love me some Colombo aka Peter Falk . . . excellent work Mr. Magic Brush . . .
I have never seen so many Happy faces at once, sooo..... Nice job with a little bit of everything to please the artful eye.
Love this one Ricky...very nice...I can tell you put your heart and soul into it. Keep up the good work.
You might not see this all the way down here at the bottom of this huge list of well deserved comments, but nonetheless, Cheers, & Woody Congrats.
Congrats again Ricky, good work. and I didn't know Colombo was related to Columbus, go figure, heheh

Funny Peter Falk Caricature

Peter Falk Caricature
Obituary: Peter Falk
Member reactions:
Lovely chop except for the cigar hot zone area. Good luck-like the way you portrayed him.
Nice tribute. The cigar looks like the red was painted it though
Triple congrats. Keep it up with great works.
PSM is knocking-down those Trophies. Congratulations.

Funny Peter Falk Whiskey Advert

Peter Falk Whiskey Advert
Member reactions:
Columbo doesn't need any help () disremembering things ... Mr. Falk is a great actor. Excellent chop.

Funny Peter Falk

Peter Falk

Funny Columbo Peter Falk

Columbo Peter Falk
Peter Falk

Funny Peter Falk Walking to Heaven

Peter Falk Walking to Heaven
'Columbo' star Peter Falk dies at 83
Member reactions:
Taking the long walk off that short pier. Nice work-good luck.

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