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Funny Tremendous Trump Kiss. Not Fake News.

Tremendous Trump Kiss. Not Fake News.
These are the sources used: https://imgur.com/a/YzTgG
Member reactions:
I would show your sources, this is as photo realistic as it gets.
Im impressed. There's a handful of good chops in this contest so far, I push this to the top. Great job pulling it off. You voters out there better take a damn close look at this and score it accordingly. I better not see any 6's or 7's on this, as this is what photoshop is all about, not fluffy cartoons.
Thanks. I had a lot fun making it. I was happy to find sources that worked well with the Katy photo I wanted to use.
you could be the king of fake news Awesome seamless realism congrats
It's not fake news. The title says so.. I know it's not perfect realism, but if anybody has to do a double take, I've fulfilled my goal. Thanks..

Funny Fake News Head Gear

Fake News Head Gear

Funny Micheal Wolff Fake News

Micheal Wolff Fake News
Member reactions:
I gave 10 to this chop, it's very funny, congrats Hobbit90
Thanks so much eduenrojas, so glad you like it.
Thanks CraftyOne, Waderer, MsgtBob and eduenrojas.

Funny Real & Fake

Real & Fake

Funny The Russians use modern printers to print fake dollars

The Russians use modern printers to print fake dollars

Funny Elvis Fake Movie

Elvis Fake Movie

Funny Fake Meat Production

Fake Meat Production
Fake meat sales are growing

Funny Construction Workers Putting Flag on Fake Moon Scape

Construction Workers Putting Flag on Fake Moon Scape

Funny Fake Interpreter at Mandela Funeral

Fake Interpreter at Mandela Funeral
It seems the man doing the "sign language" at the Nelson Mandela funeral was a total fake and was "signing" nothing but jibberish. What an insult to everyone involved.
Member reactions:
Its clean job... good use of wave effect and multiple hands saying all but keeping himself silent good one
Hahaha, I saw the video with this guy... how the heck did he get to have this important job. I like how you showed his hand movements.
Congrats Doc. I did not even know who this guy was until you brought it to my attention. I did not watch any television last week so I guess I missed him. More gold to hold
Congrats, Paul. It was too hard recognize Obama. Is that guy from Kenya too.
Thanks, everyone. No, Andrew...he's from South Africa.
Congrats Paul.. So good... hard one to beat..
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, azwoodbox. Thanks, JimShorts.
Nice One Paul...your chops just keep getting better and better...

Funny Fake Art

Fake Art
Photoshop art looking obviously fake.

Funny Celebrity Fakes

Celebrity Fakes
In this contest you are asked to create celebrity fakes - images of celebrities and politicians from around the world that are fake or doctored.

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