Trump's impeachment failure
Trump's impeachment failure
Trump's impeachment failure. Trump's impeachment failure

Funny Russian Rocket Failure

Russian Rocket Failure
Proton crash deals another blow to Russian space sector
Member reactions:
Lots of rocket failure pictures out there, don't think I would have used the Challenger explosion.
Sweet, when will Russian rockets stop falling.

Funny Batman in Failure to Launch

Batman in Failure to Launch
Member reactions:
I have zero clue what this is doing here. I am dumbfounded. Ruth Buzzy in a riot

Funny Online Dating Failure

Online Dating Failure
Member reactions:
I always thought Rainman was a little taller
Good work with the shadows and the funny mismatch Hilarious to see the Cat and dog smiling and FN flag too...........
Thanks, Senthil. Thanks, SteveGSQ. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, eric.
Had to go with the direction of the shadows from the background, Twister.
ol i see jones beach......... nice work congrats...
Right you are pree........ Had to use it. Thanks.
Congratulations Pcrdds. Fabulously funny.
Thanks, Master Rain...glad you got a good chuckle. Merci, Mme BOULPIX.
Congrats on the Gold. Your inconsistent lighting leaves much to be desired though (just my opinion of course). You must have been in a rush.

Funny Roman Polanski Failure

Roman Polanski Failure
Member reactions:
Shouldn't it be "Just because I think they are after me doesn't mean they are".
No, that would loose the humor He wouldn't be a true paranoid if he said that. The way it's worded in the chop confirms his belief without doubt.
I like the current wording - makes his paranoia a much stronger case. Quality chop, and very news-topical.
This one has a fair amount of that "Fractalius" plugin. I really considered this chop technically disposable as it came out far from what I planned. But hey, I guess you guys thought it was all right, placing 5th. Cool. I'll get better with that effect as time goes on. It can really add some beautiful touches to a chop. If you got it, try it on a mass of christmas lights, , it is so stunning how it explodes and fragments the light. I did a piece last night an my jaw dropped. Thanks for the votes
It is a gr8 plugin, I put a link to it in the forums earlier for peeps to have a play themselves I'm off to find some Xmas lights.
this one cool too Hitman you are ROCK , keep going

Funny Motorbike Mechanical Failure

Motorbike Mechanical Failure
Ricco ses "this source picture has been edited enough"

Funny David Letterman Fidelity Failure

David Letterman Fidelity Failure
Member reactions:
Brilliant. The wound mechanical face is a hoot. He looks like a cross of Pinocchio and Beavis, .
cool pic...but not in the style of a demotivational poster
Ty guys... This contest was extremely difficult to come up with a good idea for, and I still didn't nail it, in my opinion, heheh. but I still appreciate all the high votes. I did have a lot of fun screwing with wind-up letterman tho. (ps. whoever dreams up these contests should try chopping one, .)
Ibeme. Well, hey, I never read any rule books on demotivational poster design so I guess it's an area where anything goes as long as its clever. This is pretty darn clever. In fact, it's so clever I thought I did it but my nurse said I didn't Great as usual, FW.
LolHitman, I thought it was you too and I'm not your nurse. This was one of my favorites and I don't know how I got between my two favorites. Congrads Funkster another excellent piece of art.
I thought this was yours; with all your winnings-you will be able to buy Microsoft.
Congrats on the win, Letter-Funk. Top Job here.
Great work teacher also funny Idea , congrats on the gold and keep going

Funny Obama Bailout Failure

Obama Bailout Failure
Obama's Bailout Failure FULL VIEW shows a lot more detail on this chop.
Member reactions:
Nice .... but i think there should be ripples around Obama and other objects to give it a realistic look...
Thanks Dola. Ripples added. Not sure why I didn't think of it in the first place.
Fantastic work. Great water effects. Love the water saturated suit.
Fantastic image all over, came together beautifully.
Superb work. For extra effects, I'd make the moon part look like Euro sign
congratulations... gold)))))))))lunaC
Freaking top shelf work here. Sooo many details and some of the best effects known to mankind make this an all time classic. Great satire. Adding to favorites. Thanks for the chop. Congrats on the gold....
Cool pic LC. Very serene on top.....but what's brewing beneath might not be so calm. Let's wait and see.

Funny The Statue of David in Failure to Launch Movie

The Statue of David in Failure to Launch Movie

Funny Failure to Communicate

Failure to Communicate

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