McCade, you failed
McCade, you failed
McCade, you failed. Member reactions:
Woody congrats, HoHouse. Awesome job, lotta good work.
Thanks peeps and good to have you around Reggie, your voting is main line.

Funny The Great Apple Revolution! Failed iPhone execution.

The Great Apple Revolution! Failed iPhone execution.

Funny German Athlete Fails Doping Test

German Athlete Fails Doping Test
German olympian fails doping test in Sochi
Member reactions:
Thanks luciano, blaodiya, Newsy, Hitspinner.

Funny David Blaine Skeleton After a Failed Escape Stunt

David Blaine Skeleton After a Failed Escape Stunt
And the networks missed it.
Member reactions:
Funny. I use those same gravity boots. Yes they sometimes make me feel exactly like that. Lol. ; ) Good luck.
Amazing... nice to see skeletion wearing dress. good work with the spider web

Funny Another Failed Romance

Another Failed Romance
Another Failed Romance

Funny Nicotine Injection Pump Failed

Nicotine Injection Pump Failed
Even with a built in nicotine injection system,Ron can't/won't quit. As you can see by his lungs...Ron has one foot in the grave. It's sad because he is only 45 years old and looks like sh:t. Ron started smoking at the tender age of 10...sad...sad...sad.. Good-bye Ron.
Member reactions:
Crazy Chop , i likey alot but is the smoke coming from his cigarette or from behind him .'s coming from his cigarette, he's a chain smoker. That's why it's all around the room.
Yea , your right , If i had all those cigarettes in my hospital room , the whole place would be full of smoke .....
Did i say Bernie , hahaha , must be all that smoke in the room from those cigarettes . Its just a hallucination man ....
Excellent way to show the smoke kills the internal organs

Funny Berlin Wall Famous Failed Attempt Wile E. Coyote

Berlin Wall Famous Failed Attempt Wile E. Coyote
See large please Sources See Voting guidelines
Member reactions:
One tiny spelling error: Failed has one 'L'. Unique concept-good luck.
Love the whole chop with cracks and wall bits on the road.
Wil-e just makes this perfect
Cool composition and funny too. Grats Hits.
Congrats Hitspinner... This was really funny, I wish one these days that poor Wil-e would finaly win....
Hamid, Don't hold your breath. I'm going to go easier on you guys and stick to the lighter humor chops. Ya'll beat me up too bad when I do the missing limb stuff. Hahahahhaa However would "Fart chops" be too far out of bounds. Thanks for the comments and votes, I see Opcrom and I moved up a slot. One more example where reading the rules and guidelines is probably a good idea. Oh how we learn the hard way.
Congratulations HS-forgot to follow-up with a positive comment. I am a spelling nut-job but, love the Roadrunner impression in the wall. Farts. That was Robin Williams' answer for a guaranteed laugh-always. Whatever-can't wait for the next HS HIT.
geriatric. In spite of having written 40 some short stories and novellets as well as a 650 page science fiction novel, a technical manual, articles too numerous to count and halfway through a self help book on art, I don't spell any better than when I was in the sixth grade. That's what editors and spell check is for. Hahhaaha Fortunately I understand a lot of $50 dollar words, just can't spell em. I appreciate it when you catch spelling errors. Nobody wants to look like a twit hehehe And oldman, if ye smiled... mission acomplished. Thanks.

Funny Skydiving Fail

Skydiving Fail
I don't think she knows the difference between diving and SKYdiving..
Member reactions:
Clean chop,but the words should be in the middle, not off to one side.
Nice one Lukin congrats on golden star , and nice to see you join most contests , keep up top works

Funny Bernard Madoff Fail

Bernard Madoff Fail

Funny Washington Mutual Bank Fail

Washington Mutual Bank Fail

Funny Failed Inventions

Failed Inventions
November 9 is The Inventor's Day in Europe, proclaimed by Berlin inventor and entrepreneur Gerhard Muthenthaler. The day intends to pursue the following goals: * Encourage people towards their own ideas and for a change to the better * Remind people of forgotten inventions and inventors. In belated celebration of the Inverntor's Day at Freaking News let's "recall" some of the forgotten inventions and photoshop some inventions that have failed. Examples: solar-powered flashlight, waterproof towel, etc. Think of some old inventions, as well as some modern ones - e.g. modify some devices to "failed inventions".

Funny Fail List

Fail List
"2009 Fail List" is a trending topic on Twitter now - people discuss the biggest failures (events, people, companies, teams and countries, etc.) of 2009. Some are quite entertaining. As the year comes to its end, who or what do you think deserves to be on the "2009 Fail List"? Photoshop anything (events, people, companies, websites, teams, and countries, etc.) that deserves to be on the "2009 Fail List". Try to make your entries in the form of classic (de)motivational posters - black background, image in the middle, followed by the title word(s), and (de)motivational message below. The image in the middle has to be photoshopped, so you can not just take unaltered photo and add text to it. NOTE: as an exception to our rules, in this contest you are allowed to recycle any of your previous entries of FN and use it for the central image in your demotivational poster.

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