Cosby In Women's Correctional Facility
Cosby In Women's Correctional Facility
Cosby In Women's Correctional Facility. Member reactions:
Great Caricature Works. And I like the way you assembled your idea.
That's what all his type needs, Low Life Scum, good one.
Freaking Fantastic. Pleasing on many levels.
Congrats Tim, but if he goes to prison, wander what real treatment he gets, hope it's more like your pic.
Ahhhh, finally. My time is my own for at least a few. Thanks to Reg, Bob, Hobbit, Andrew, DD, Crafty, SS, LunaC and the entire academy. I'd also like to thank Photoshop, and most of all my mom who taught me the value and sanctity of a good woman. Cheers... holds up the gold cup.
I saw this, walked away to play another day -- knew it would win, thought it deserved to win, glad it did. Congratulations, Hit.
, Thanks Icy, Manosart, SS and DD and of course, Hobbit

Funny Obama Care Fema Facility

Obama Care Fema Facility
And Now It Begins No use in letting all those FEMA Camps go to waste on gun owners, Homeless people and Republicans. Now when the elderly need expensive long term care they can be transferred to a "Special" Care Facility.
Member reactions:
i like it much ... No luck for top 4
Thanks every one it did better than I thought it would.

Funny Nuclear Waste Dumping Facility

Nuclear Waste Dumping Facility
Member reactions:
not only a good entry but a sensible solution to a growing problem.

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