Megan Fox Facelift
Megan Fox Facelift
Megan Fox Facelift. Member reactions:
Hahaha, even the tattoo had a job done. Excellent

Funny Bugs Bunny Facelift

Bugs Bunny Facelift
Member reactions:
Makes my head dizzy, - I wanna flip my head to take a look at the flipped head.
You better sit back down before you fall.

Funny Woody Harrelson Facelift

Woody Harrelson Facelift

Funny Snoop Dog Facelift

Snoop Dog Facelift

Funny Jennifer Love Hewitt Facelift

Jennifer Love Hewitt Facelift

Funny Courtney Cox Facelift

Courtney Cox Facelift

Funny Courtney Love Facelift

Courtney Love Facelift

Funny Gery Hallywell Facelift

Gery Hallywell Facelift

Funny Sandra Bullock Facelift

Sandra Bullock Facelift

Funny Jennifer Lopez Facelift

Jennifer Lopez Facelift

Funny Celebrity Facelift

Celebrity Facelift
In an effort to maintain their youthful looks, more and more aging celebrities are getting a facelift (formally known as rhytidectomy). A facelift may help wipe several years from a face, but at the same time it alters the face, sometimes quite considerably. Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone, wrote about Madonna's facelift in his book "Life With My Sister Madonna". When asked if he still recognized Madonna from the girl he grew up with, Christopher replied: "Not after the facelift." Today we'll help Hollywood get some free facelifts - take any celebrity face, flip it vertically, lift it, and merge it with the original face, just like it's done in the example. Please study this example carefully, and note that there are no eyebrows, and that the eyes are also flipped with the whole face. Don't forget to include the celebrity names in your titles or comments. Let's see if celebrities are still recognizable after such facelifts.

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