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Funny Faced Pictures

Face only a Mother could Love  Funny Face only a Mother could Love
Member reactions:
When someone has a face only a mother could love, they are ugly like Me
Ha, ha, ha..but I'd like to see his mother face also .
Crazy... all things made by God are beautiful so never be depressed
Yes rajeshstar but some are more beautiful than others.

John Face off TravoltaFunny John Face off Travolta
Member reactions:

Excellent. Love the birthday aliens here.
Even aliens follow John Face off style... good one like the long scar on his face
Thanks luciano, Hohouse, balodiya, Newsy and rajesh.

Baby Face BettyFunny Baby Face Betty
Member reactions:

This is one geeky chick, hidden. She still plays toys, but I don't trust her Good job.
ahahahaha faaaantastic work my friend
Nice Hair Style,Her face is looking naughty...
Awesome job... lot of hard work seen here... with lovely colorful pipes and a view of the moon and stars from the sky is really amazing good colorful treat work
Excellent job done Quality job done here
Freaking brilliant job....Perfect blending and colours. Head is in some way disturbing but matches very well.
Nicely done. though, it's a bit strange to me that the steampunk pieces and the porthole window are a higher resolution than the rest of the background and even the central figure.
Oh well I have seen worse, you should have seen the sources before I started. We do the best we can with the sources available and time allotted. I generally nit-pick them more. Anyway I call this genre Pixarpunk not Steampunk In the end it's not a Rembrandt, it is just a fun little chop. Thanks Luciano, balodiya, rajesh, eric, Rickytrek and Newsey.
Again, very imaginative ... love the face
Congrats on the Bronze, H. S. Always look forward to seeing your chops.
Thank you QMS, Pat, Sir Robert, JS, GarRobmil, Doc, Newsey

The Two Faces of Phillip Seymour HoffmanFunny The Two Faces of Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Member reactions:

Two Faces... one is on-screen and off-screen... Its a fantasy versus reality war
Decent work, I guess everyone has two sides in him, and Philip was just a human being like the rest of us.

Member reactions:

Hahaha, love it, together with the title.
Perfect realization, better than original

Ah, but `her` face ...Funny Ah, but `her` face ...
Member reactions:

A guy in Russia could get in trouble for mixing with a "gal" like this ...
Hahaha, sure that gal would get any guy in trouble in Russia.
Rolling on the floor with laughter. S-he has incredible assets And Putin's as usual face for the scenario
Hurray. Rajeshstar, his gesture indicates LUST.
Lust works for me haha. Nice one Icy. Congrats on the wood

FAKE with Kerry Washington's faceFunny FAKE with Kerry Washington's face
Member reactions:

Two Faced Kathleen SebeliusFunny Two Faced Kathleen Sebelius
Member reactions:

A Two Faced Kathleen Sebelius Sticks her tongue out at Congress. Well she isn't as good at this as Bagdad Bob,,errr I mean Jay Carney but nothing will become of it, Just like this chop,,, it's all for show anyway.
Yea I'm really hoping The Fox Network will see this one.

Face Of A PresidentFunny Face Of A President
Member reactions:

Please view full
Good Caricature... like his lips and ears they are big and now looks better
, even one ear is bigger than the other.
hobbit90 congratulations He is very attractive....
Congratulations Hobbit. That nose is just out of this world. I'm certain he's a shape-shifter now.
Congrats Hobb, for your Bronze Cup. Hilarious.

`Two Face`Funny `Two Face`
Member reactions:

Reminds me of a girl I once knew...
Should be the new billboard protesting synthetic street drugs and what they help you become.
yeah like that new flesh eating Krockidil stuff
This can be the outcome of split personality.... good chop in putting together the shades of two faces

Two-Faced CelebritiesFunny Two-Faced Celebrities - Public figures are often accused of being two-faced. When Abraham Lincoln was accused of being two-faced he replied, "If I had two faces, do you think this is the one I'd be wearing?". Today we are going to literally create two-faced celebrities and politicians. The right half of a face has to be from one celebrity and the left half from another. Here's a good example . Politicians and celebrities face mixes are also allowed and cross gender face breeds too. This contest is a sequel to our mega popular contest from 2006 that was featured in many newspapers and magazines including People Magazine and The Daily Mail. Please include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Big Head, Small FaceFunny Big Head, Small Face - Our veteran chopper GarRobMil suggested something we haven't tried before - shrinking celebrity faces on their heads. We suppose this is yet another way to lose a face :) Take any celebrity and shrink his/her face (while keeping the head size intact or making the head even bigger). Here's a good example. Please don't forget to put celebrity names in your entry titles.

Foot FacesFunny Foot Faces - Sarah Jessica Parker gave us the idea for this contest, simply because her face looks like a foot. Merge celebrity faces with feet. Here's a good example. And If you find a shortage of good feet source photos, you can always grab a camera and take a picture of your feet :) Many thanks to RealMeert, MacWithFries, and Sarah Jessica Parker for the contest concept.

Two-Faced CelebritiesFunny Two-Faced Celebrities - Public figures are often accused of being two-faced. When Abraham Lincoln was accused of being two-faced he replied, "If I had two faces, do you think this is the one I'd be wearing?". Today we are going to expose two-faced politicians and celebrities, similarly to how it's done in the example (Madonna + Julianne Moore). Note such details in the example: one flipped face (on top) includes the eyes, while the other (lower) face is taken from another celebrity. It's up to you whether/how to include the eyebrows. (In such setting eyebrows kinda look like bags under eyes :) ) Don't forget to include the celebrity names in your titles or comments.

Paper FaceFunny Paper Face - Photoshop this paper face image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: putting any faces of pictures on this paper, making the guy hold some other objects, giving him a new face or head, placing this paper face into some new environment, using this paper face image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Maria Li and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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