D&S vs Facebook
D&S vs Facebook
D&S vs Facebook. Member reactions:
Great job with finding sources with matching angles on their heads. Very realistic.
, would like to see her stump on him, good one, congrats on your win.
Awesome political satire, Mr Assad. Congrats on the Bronze Cup.

Funny The FaceBook Stalker

The FaceBook Stalker

Funny The beggar of Facebook

The beggar of Facebook
Member reactions:
A small plastic filter to his face would help.

Funny An AI Reading Your Facebook

An AI Reading Your Facebook
Facebook's AI could be reading your messages to teach itself how humans communicate
Member reactions:
Sorry but i don't really see the work on this image. It's just a Facebook page with this surimposed picture
Denlig, what your looking at is a combined set of images created to send a message. In this contest what we are asked to do is combine images to convey a message regarding a news story that we have read. In this case it is an AI reading a person's Facebook page. This is based on the news article that Facebook is teaching an AI to communicate by taking in Facebook. The link to the news article under the Photoshop tells the Mods of the website Freaking News what message your trying to convey.

Funny Mark Zuckerberg in the Nightmare On Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg in the Nightmare On Facebook
Is Facebook hazardous to your health.
Member reactions:
Canbe hazardous to your bank balance if you Play Candy Crush.

Funny Jeremy Meeks with a Gun on Facebook

Jeremy Meeks with a Gun on Facebook
Jeremy Meeks' social media fame grows despite weapons, gang-related charges
Member reactions:
I saw other pictures of this guy. Full jail house tats and looks like he's missing a tooth This is one more example of the glorification of the undeserving by the Gangsta generation of mental invalids. I would say, "Where did we go so wrong." But girls of my father's generation worshiped John Dillinger and Clyde Barrow too. So it can't be a generational phenomena. But the standards have dropped hahahahah Great chop, good luck
Gotta be the Bad Boy syndrome spinner. Thanks.
Decent work, though I never heard of the guy before. I agree I should have though
Yes he is. I actually selected this AH for a chop in this contest but DD beat me in. At least I can delete the guy now Great work.
Thanks folks, special thanks spinner. To bad it barely scored an A+....... a real shame and injustice.

Funny 50 Genders on Facebook

50 Genders on Facebook
50 genders on Facebook
Member reactions:
But....we have been able to make confusion with just two .
Outstanding idea and a fine looking chop too
For a momement i am going to select one opeton on the chop.... crazy mind.. good work looks realistic
amazing image specially their eyes color and hairs ...If any one eyes will damage than she can use other eyes....
Thanks lucianomorelli, Hitspinner, geriatric, rajeshstar, ericnorthend.
Liked this one a lot. I think is a female...species I'm unsure of...
Very clever. I was stunned by this Facebook move too. OK, I would understand *some* additional gender options, but 50. C'mon facebook....

Funny Giraffe's with Facebook Signs

Giraffe's with Facebook Signs
Member reactions:
They are probably giving each other riddles about humans.
A Woody facebook logo... like the concept..
Sweet piece, H H . Congratulations knocking down the Bronze.

Funny Monkey FaceBook Friends

Monkey FaceBook Friends
Member reactions:
, too many facebook riddles for these monkeys
even monkeys started using the Facebook. They will use their smart intelligence brain to solve the riddle
They are good friends and monkey operate the Facebook...
Very Funny New Friends are also invited here

Funny Giraffe Loooking at Facebook on a Computer

Giraffe Loooking at Facebook on a Computer
Member reactions:
Giraffe can operate the Facebook and easily contact to their friends

Funny Diamond and Silk vs Facebook

Diamond and Silk vs Facebook
The hilarious duo of Diamond and Silk have been banned from Facebook. The pro-Trump pair posted on the embattled social media platform Friday night, saying that after months of correspondence, they were deemed to be “unsafe to the community.” They want the reason why millions of people who have liked and/or followed their page no longer receives notifications. They want answers from Facebook (owned by Mark Zuckerberg), about their bias censorship and discrimination against their D&S brand page. Facebook's reply was The Policy team has came to the conclusion that your content and your bran has been determined unsafe to the community. And this decision is final and it is not appeal-able in any way. Photoshop the “Dangerous Duo” Diamond and Silk with Tech Titan Mark Zuckerberg, getting together for some real “Face time” anyway you wish. Some examples are a Boxing Match, WWE SmackDown, Military Combat, Pillow Fight , Etc. Remember to keep your entries Safe For Work and Realistic. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

Funny Facebook Carrot Meme

Facebook Carrot Meme
You probably noticed a growing trend on facebook where quite a few people would post this as their status: "I know nobody will see my status but sometimes I like to dig a hole in my backyard, stand in the hole, and pretend I’m a carrot." Sometimes they put variations of other vegetables instead of a carrot. Some facebook groups and people get so sick of such trashing of everyone's newsfeed that they demand that others stop posting this. We did some research and see that this meme is actually quite old and dates back to 2007, but is gaining momentum on facebook only now. Apparently it turned into some kind of facebook game where everyone who responds to this status should receive a PM from a poster. Some people say it's about breast cancer awareness, but we hardly see the connection here. Can anyone shed some light on what this game is about? Photoshop anyone in a hole in his backyard pretending to be a carrot.

Funny Facebook Giraffes

Facebook Giraffes
What's up with so many facebook users using photos of giraffes on their profiles? Did giraffes get too social lately and start using facebook? The answer is a new riddle that has been circulating on facebook - those who accept the riddle challenge but fail to give the right answer agree to use any giraffe picture as their main profile photo. Photoshop giraffes using facebook one way or another.

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