Giraffe's Facebook Page
Giraffe's Facebook Page
Giraffe's Facebook Page. A giraffe looks at her Facebook page, hoping to see her friend's messages.
Member reactions:
Sweet and I see this giraffe is using new version of facebook already
Wao... lovely Giraffe facebook page really lovely and great to see some new relations erupt in it

Funny Mark Zuckerberg with a Facebook Giraffe

Mark Zuckerberg with a Facebook Giraffe
Member reactions:
I've never seen Mark Zuckerberg so cool ^^
Mark looks awesome in this caricature and Giraffe also got a caricature great job done
Professional looking design Wanderer, congratulations on the Gold.
Thank you, Friends. Just found now right hand needs be rotated 180 Deg. Sorry.
No prob Wanderer, now Zuck is now left handed for real
Thank you for support, UncleChamp. NewsMaster, please let me know if I can send Mark's picture after arm surgery.
Andrew, email me the edited version and I will upload it for you. Congrats again.
Thank you, NewsMaster. Please send your e-mail address.

Funny Giraffe Facebook Logo

Giraffe Facebook Logo
Member reactions:
Good creativity shown using the facebook logo and Giraffe
Off the Hook, PacMan. Congrats winning Wood.

Funny Giraffe Eating a Facebook Icon Above the Clouds

Giraffe Eating a Facebook Icon Above the Clouds
Avi size
Member reactions:
Cooool. I'd put a facebook logo somewhere on the doors to fit the contest directions nicely though
Lovely visuals.... Giraffe is peeping out of the clouds and trying the riddle
Looks very beautiful The Door Opens to which way.
Silver Congrats, Gummy. Also, Pic of the Day congrats, Gum great job.
Congrats on the Silver. In other words: w00t...
CONGRATS Gummy...the check is STILL in the mail.

Funny Facebook Backs Chirs Christie

Facebook Backs Chirs Christie
Chris Christy switches party Huge Chop See Large Zuckerberg backs Christie
Member reactions:
Beautifully .... It's funny Facebook but all effects are very clear, good job.
I like it. Beautifully Brilliant in color.
Congratulations Hit-Man. Superbly executed.
Congrats on the bronze, Hits. Breathtaking art here. Love how you combined political humor and fairy tale.
And HitSpinner. Congratulations. Glad that I didn't enter anything-competition was tough.
Geri, you are plenty good enough to win in any given contest, it really is a crapshoot and depends on if you tickle the collective fancy.
Tickle. My problem is that I draw blood when I tickle myself. Maybe Doc Chuckles can push me over the line into the Funny Zone someday. Your fat, little Kid faces are insanely funny. I remember one where there were two Kids in your chop. . Have to check your entry list. Nice work on this image.
I Tend to stay away from kids unless I alter their features extensively. Not always the case but I try to keep the child's anonymity and safety in mind. Or I'll use a kid's pic that is an adult now. But I know the chop you are talking about, it was the twins, made from I think one child that was the supplied source... hmmmm chasing pigeons. I think that was it. It was right after I got redfield fractalius and I blasted the crap out of that chop with it and it came out really cool looking. I gave the girls 4 eyes or something. ha.
Congrats on the bronze Hits.. its a beauty..

Funny Edward Snowden Working For Russian Version Of Facebook

Edward Snowden Working For Russian Version Of Facebook
It seems Snowden has been offered a job as a programmer for the Russian version of Facebook.
Member reactions:
I guess you have to use the Russian NyetScape browser to view this site.
Russian version of Facebook is FacePu. Great picture.
. I see some familiar faces on this facebook page RGM too. NyetScape, hahaha.
Lovely FB page of FN looks great Why he tied in chains...they are afraid of him... what if he post some secretes there
This is the Mind buster and Laugh Booster chop... Add in in your friend list Edward
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Mr. X. Thanks, Andrew.

Funny Great Wall of Facebook

Great Wall of Facebook
Mao Zuckerberg and his Facebook wall.
Member reactions:
Great lovely color used and the logo of face book on the wall is amazing

Funny Raining Money For Facebook

Raining Money For Facebook
US HOT STOCKS: Lowe's, Facebook, J.P. Morgan, American Eagle Facebook fights back as click-fraud worm spreads Has nothing changed. Why the Facebook IPO proves you can never trust a bank Read more: Facebook fraud fools Kahui fans
Member reactions:
Hey RickyTrek1. Use ONE 'O' next time; it causes an expanded word jam for readers. Nice work HIDDEN.
Its a dollar rain for Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg All you invest will fall on him ... Good judgement taken in making this pic good lighting sources used and the men behind him in a pig face were really good good news link
He took money from my lill sis Peggie bag as well ha ha ha
Congrats. How many layers of dollars did u do. Huge effort
Congrats PSMandrake Maybe the next version you can make a FB sinking ship.... Facebook stock = big losses and no profit. Facebook stock drop fallout: Zuckerberg off top 40 richest list

Funny Artist David Choe Scores with Facebook

Artist David Choe Scores with Facebook
Graffiti artist David Choe could be worth $500 million thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Mr. Choe said Facebook originally offered him $60,000 to paint murals in the company's Palo Alto offices in 2005. Today, he said, the stock he took instead of the $60,000 could be worth more than $500 million.
Member reactions:
Thank you very much pcrdds. I'm a long time fan of David Choe and dispite not having found a good high resolution photo of him, I still wanted to share the story.
Love the way you placed Mark and expressions are wonderful. Money glow is the natural
Going public make the Public Richer, especially for the painters Nice funny expression on Mark and Graffti great going
It's nice to wake up and find new complimentary comments. Thank you balodiya, Malcolmxy, ericnorthend and rajeshstar.
Nice work SteveGSQ . . . wish I had some of them stocks
Hilarious chop. I guess Choe has a last laugh though with all his money now, .

Funny FaceBook Romance

FaceBook Romance

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