Fabulous Crabs and Mechanical Flamingos
Fabulous Crabs and Mechanical Flamingos
Fabulous Crabs and Mechanical Flamingos. Member reactions:
Wild flight of imagination and 'shopping.
TY Newsmaster, Evirio and Geriatric. It was time for a style change
Multiple worlds combined together... the robotic swans steals the show... The Big moon floating in sky filled with water is unique good imagination
Great use of colours. Dali would clap his hands.
TY Luciano, Jim, Gummy, Balodiya, Rajesh
Silver congrats, I really like the double underwater effect.
Congrats on the win, really thought this would make the gold, really is beautiful.
I sure miscalled this one I thought Doc's chop would win. Wasn't sure if this would even place because it is all filter, little skill. But it sure came out interesting and pretty Thanks Doc, PJ, Evirio, Hobbit, Alias, Bob, and NM Balodiya, Rajesh, Nanny, Eric,

Funny Ghetto Fabulous Homeless Man

Ghetto Fabulous Homeless Man
Member reactions:
Seattle does have a certain flavor to it and you captured it perfectly. Good luck.
Conngrats MatthewLynn I thought they all dance in- the streets on sunny days in Seattle...
Hahaha thanks AZ... I've seen my fair share of bums dancing around here. Mostly just hound you for change though.
"Local Boy Makes Good at FN...Congratulations." I think this image has circulated Seattle by now.
Fantastic chop. I'd try improving it further by changing the ciggy for cigar and adding some shadows from the hand onto the whiskey bottle
Great chop. Nice use of sources, Congrats.
Taking pictures at pike place again. congrads

Funny The Fabulous Destiny of Harry Potter

The Fabulous Destiny of Harry Potter
Member reactions:
This is really a great chop. Just one little thing though, in proper French, as "Harry" starts with a consonant, you must write "de" in "Le fabuleux destin de Harry Potter", and not "d'" as with "Amélie Poulain" (Amélie starts with a vowel, that's why there's an apostrophe in the original title). It could be easily fixed, methinks, and then, your entry would be perfect.
Paul: Your teaching session continues.... .
Thank you very much for sharing your opinion
Really nice. Pity you didn't correct the words. (Paul is right, you know.) Also pity that the poster source was so bad.
Wish the poster was of higher resolution. Decent composition though
Yes,Paul is right,butI haven't had time to corret it.. Thank you all for writing

Funny Bruno Fabulous Poster

Bruno Fabulous Poster

Funny Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous
Of course, the misspelling is intentional.

Funny The Fabulous Madonna Twins

The Fabulous Madonna Twins
Member reactions:
Nice one. You have changed the dress color and it still looks like a real photo - good job

Funny The Fabulous Michelle Pfeiffer Elf

The Fabulous Michelle Pfeiffer Elf

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