The eye
The eye
The eye. Member reactions:
Good one, but would be nice to change the hand for some paw

Funny Donut eyes

Donut eyes
She got some intense eyes.

Funny Jake's Blue Eyes

Jake's Blue Eyes

Funny Degas' Kids With Huge Eyes And Governess

Degas' Kids With Huge Eyes And Governess
Degas was said to be Walter Keane's inspiration. It's also possible he simply had a really bad sense of proportion in terms of the human face.
Member reactions:
Somehow this merge seems quite natural even though it comes from two different styles. It must be true that Degas was Walter Keane's inspiration

Funny Ibis keeping an eye out for Obama

Ibis keeping an eye out for Obama
All he needs is another term.
Member reactions:
Great Chopping. Congratz Paco.
Most excellent concept. Some shadows from the patch and the Ibis would make it perfect.

Funny Man Gets Bionic Eye And Sees

Man Gets Bionic Eye And Sees
Man gets a bionic eye and is able to see.
Member reactions:
I've got the following model with X-Rays...if you're interested in.
Thanks, everyone. I'll take one, luciano.
and the bronze . Good looking chops, mate
HAT-TRICK. Here we go again...Congrats # 3.

Funny Blue eyes

Blue eyes

Funny Keep An Eye Out

Keep An Eye Out
. Would you really do that for me.
Member reactions:
Good choice of proving that Idiom.... keeping watch


Member reactions:
This is another portrait that is nicely done.

Funny Blue eye

Blue eye
Member reactions:
Amazing concept and In the eyeball clear reflect of the child's , I like it....
Creative work. On the edge of an unknown universe.
Just a super chop. I actually thought I was also battling this one for the top spot.

Funny Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Keep Your Eye on the Ball
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of ball catching (cricket game) (image credit: Jim Grady) any way you wish. Some examples are - making the cricket boy catch other objects, putting the boy into into a new environment, making him perform some stunts, using this cricket ball catching image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Celebrity Mouth Eyes

Celebrity Mouth Eyes
Our original Mouth Eyes contest became a quick internet sensation, and has been covered by many Internet media. Today we are going to make a sequel which will take this contest to a new level. Photoshop mouths in the place of eyes of any celebrities or politicians, then replicate them on several levels as in this example. Please don't forget to include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Funny Camera Eyes

Camera Eyes
Thanks to the advances in technology, one-eyed filmmaker implanted a tiny camera in his second eye socket - so he can see and film at the same time. This project is called eyeborg and is aimed at helping people who use eye prosthesis. Photoshop celebrities or politicians with photo cameras implanted into their eye sockets. Here's a quick example based on the chop by KeepItReal. You are welcome to use different cameras for different eyes, or use the same ones. Preferably, both eyes should be changed for cameras. Please include celebrity names in either your entry titles or author's comment section.

Funny Mouth Eyes

Mouth Eyes
When it comes to horror images, one of the most disturbing depictions of human face is with mouths in the place of eyes - such illustrations are favorite of many horror books. Photoshop mouths in the place of eyes of any human or animal. Humans can be celebrities, politicians, characters from paintings, or any other people. You can make your entry horror-looking (see example), or make it any other style - e.g. glamor style with pretty women's mouths for eyes. This contest is a sequel to our original mouth eyes contest that was mega-popular with blogs and media.

Funny Animal Mouth Eyes

Animal Mouth Eyes
World's Ugliest Dog contest was held this Saturday at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Northern California. The winner was a dog named Gus, a pegigree Chinese Crested, with 3 legs, 1 eye and no hair. Speaking of animals - would they look ugly or cute, if they had mouths for their eyes? We did similar experiment with celebrities last year. Photoshop mouths in the place of eyes of any animal except human.

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