Lindsay Lohan Eyeglasses
Lindsay Lohan Eyeglasses
Lindsay Lohan Eyeglasses. Lindsay Lohan
Member reactions:
, the eyes actually suit her - she looks like a happy 40 year old woman this way.

Funny Benjamin Franklin Eyeglasses

Benjamin Franklin Eyeglasses
Mr. Benjamin Franklin
Member reactions:
FUNNY..... . Love that myopic look on his face.
I like the technique on how you made the eyes, nice use of refraction and reflections
Congrats again, eyes detail is just awesome

Funny Escher Eyeglasses

Escher Eyeglasses
Escher's 'Bond of Union' seen through a new prescription. Please view full for Better Detail. Original

Funny Dick Cheney eyeglasses

Dick Cheney eyeglasses
Badly needed specs for Dickie
Member reactions:
He planted "BUGS" EYE S

Funny Eyeglass Repair

Eyeglass Repair

Funny Eyeglasses for Rosie O'Donnell

Eyeglasses for Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie O Donald

Funny Cameron Diaz eyeglasses

Cameron Diaz  eyeglasses
Cameron showing of the latest eye wear
Member reactions:
I hear they arrested Justin Timberlake for having ... with a miner.

Funny Eyeglasses

Chicago firefighters are calling for the biggest collection of eyeglasses in history to donate them to those who are in need of glasses but can not afford to purchase them in third countries. Owners of old prescription glasses and sunglasses can drop them at any of the 97 Fire Houses across the state by the end of summer (September). Centuries after the invention of eyeglasses they remain too expensive to afford for many people in developing countries. Add eyeglasses or sunglasses to works of art (paintings, statues, drawings) and show us how famous characters in those paintings would look in usual or strange eyeglasses or shades. To spark your inspiration, think of all the Elton John's glasses donated to Mona Lisa and others.

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