Shades For My Eyes.
Shades For My Eyes.
Shades For My Eyes.. Member reactions:
A delightful chop, Hobbit. Personality Plus..

Funny Eyes That Melt.

Eyes That Melt.
Member reactions:
He is going to have beautiful teeth when the braces come off..congrats
Lol the monkey is charming with great eyes. Amazing job Hobbit, congrats on winning Gold.

Funny Eye Swap .

Eye Swap .
Member reactions:
Excellent political satire, AOC looks natural and her eyes make cat crazy. Congrats on the Wood as well, Hobbit.

Funny Bug Eyed Kim

Bug Eyed Kim
He's really sort of an insect in real life.
Member reactions:
Darn good looking chop and deserves a cup
Great Human Crossbreeding, LunaC. Super Image.
Awesome job, LunaC. Great color and blending especially the skin texture. Unresized is scary.

Funny Eye for eye

Eye for eye
Member reactions:
Superb job on this, Clauder. Impressive eye blending and Lemur's hand over mouth a great touch.

Funny eyes close?

eyes close?
Member reactions:
Great work. Your chops are getting better and better.

Funny Orange eyes

Orange eyes

Funny Real Eye Swap

Real Eye Swap
Corrupt Eye Swap
Member reactions:
Great job, but what animal has dollar signs in their eyes (ha).

Funny She's One Goofy Human, Look At Those Eyes

She's One Goofy Human, Look At Those Eyes
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Woody 2fer, Hobbit. Great work with the monkey eyes.
Woody Congrats, Hobbit. Awesome work and eye swapping on the two monkeys.
ReggieRey and SplatShot, my husband said I shouldn't use a monkey for her eyes, he said it was a insult for the monkey.
Hahaha HE's right,and the monkey would do a better job in congress.

Funny Owl Eyes

Owl Eyes

Funny Human/Animal Eye Swap

Human/Animal Eye Swap
When you look into the eyes of your pet, do you sometimes feel like you can tell what they are thinking or feeling? A dog’s eyes are very similar to a human’s. Many animal eyes are similar to human eyes in a lot of ways. They use their eyes in the same ways we do – to see their surroundings, blinking and making tears. Like human eyes, land mammals and fish have eyes that function almost like cameras. Their eyes contain a lens and pupil, just like ours. Their eyes use light-sensing cells that work with the lens, pupil and cornea to take a picture with the eye. In this contest, swap out the eyes of any human with the eyes of any animal of your choice. Many thanks to SplatShot for the themepost. "Katy Perry Just Horsing Around"

Funny Mouth Eyes

Mouth Eyes
When it comes to horror images, one of the most disturbing depictions of human face is with mouths in the place of eyes - such illustrations are favorite of many horror books. Photoshop mouths in the place of eyes of any human or animal. Humans can be celebrities, politicians, characters from paintings, or any other people. You can make your entry horror-looking or make it any other style - e.g. glamor style with pretty women's mouths for eyes. This contest is a sequel to our original Mouth Eyes contest that was mega-popular with blogs and media. ManyThemepost thanks to Evirio

Funny Human/Animal Eye Swap

Human/Animal Eye Swap
The visual abilities of humans and animals have distinct differences. While we may have some of the best all-round visual abilities, other species have their own unique features. Dogs have a greater field of vision and their night vision is also superior, but have inferior color vision. Eagles eyesight is 4 to 8 times stronger than ours. Sharks have an almost 360 degree field of vision and their underwater vision is 10 times better than a human. In this contest let's swap the eyes of any human (celebrity, politician, or person), with the eyes of any animal of your choice. To See Differences Between Animal and Human Vision Visit This Link

Funny Animals with Front Eyes

Animals with Front Eyes
Unlike humans, most animals have their eyes on the sides. The reason is simple - such construction allowed animals to be on their guard, proving better survival by observing predators on the sides. Today we'll place their eyes where the nature did not intend them. Take any animal and place its eyes on the front of its head instead of on the sides.

Funny Small Eyes, Big Mouth

Small Eyes, Big Mouth
Asian beauty standards are depicted in manga - huge eyes and tiny mouth. Today we will see how Asian beauty anti-standards look like. Photoshop celebrities and politicians with small eyes and big mouths. Many thanks to Denlig for the themepost.

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