Extreme Fishing
Extreme Fishing
Extreme Fishing. Something a little different for FN

Funny Extreme changes

Extreme changes
Member reactions:
Excellent work done as usual, Elegary. Congrats, first 5.
Some day I hope to create a 6 like this, but it's only a dream.
, I thought this was in the running for a cup. Nice job and top 5 pat on the back

Funny High Rise Extreme Sports with Invisible Men

High Rise Extreme Sports with Invisible Men

Funny Extreme Parachuting

Extreme Parachuting
Member reactions:
Fantastic work with the source photo, very creative.
Perfect fit and holding notch in left hand is very real. Looks original

Funny Leisure Sports Extreme napping

Leisure Sports Extreme napping

Funny Extreme Roller Skating on a River

Extreme Roller Skating on a River
Member reactions:
Outstanding Chop, Tiger. Congrats on making "Pic O The Day"

Funny Extreme Pleasure Research by Magritte

Extreme Pleasure Research by Magritte

Funny Extreme Upside Down Cleaning

Extreme Upside Down Cleaning
Member reactions:
Upside Down or Downside Up-still looks like a beautiful girl. Nice work.
I am sorry to tell you there is a big mistake with her skirt .. Hahaha . Very nice .
Thanks everybody Boulpix yes are right.
Thanks Diamonds, Boulpix I solve the mistake with the skirt
Because she don't have underwear so is double extreme...I am kidding )
Unforgettable moment . But I think your reputation is going to be bad . The end of golden trophies . Maybe one for me next time . Congrats Sunshin .
congrats on the gols sunshine that's really an amazing work
You never cease to please & amaze Sunshine Girl. Congratulations.
Boulpix I wish you lots, lots, lots of golds Joan, Crusader, Pcr, CoolIdes, Best4best, Robinbobin, Geri thank you so much.

Funny Extreme Plank Horse Riding

Extreme Plank Horse Riding

Funny Oral-B Extreme Toothbrush Drill

Oral-B Extreme Toothbrush Drill
Member reactions:
Hilarious concept and very clean execution. I like the big smile in the background too.
Thank you for the nice words deaddog try it... xD
Congrats Mark, imaginging this being used gives me a chuckle
Bronze congrats, MD. I use Oral-b myself.
Darn it I missed the smile, I was so busy admiring the drill brush idea. Well done.

Funny Extreme Selfies

Extreme Selfies
Selfies can be dangerous, in fact more people died from selfies than shark attacks this year. Next time you take a selfie, make sure it's in a safe place with no danger nearby. Photoshop selfies with some form of danger (unsafe place, dangerous actions, attacking animals, etc) in them. Many thanks to IcyAllEyeCan for the contest suggestion.

Funny Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports
Maria Sharapova complained about intolerable extreme heat at Australian Open during her first-round match. Spectators felt it too. In other words, Australian Open spectators think Sharapova is hot. In this contest you are asked to modify any sports to put them in unusual, or an extreme environment. Examples may include sports in extremely high or extremely low temperatures (tennis on ice or snow), sports under water or on water that are normally "on the ground" sports, etc.

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