St. Sabastian The Extraterrestrial
St. Sabastian The Extraterrestrial
St. Sabastian The Extraterrestrial. Member reactions:
Very cool concept. The fingers of his right hand may need better blending - they don't seem to be attached to any hand...

Funny The Execution of the Extraterrestrial ET

The Execution of the Extraterrestrial ET
If only he had been able to place a phone call...
Member reactions:
I'm sorry for ET but this made me laugh .

Funny Extraterrestrial Obama Dictator

Extraterrestrial Obama Dictator
By the way , did they REALLY figure out the truth about where Obama was born , ....
Member reactions:
Thank you D-Man .....
Congrats,on the Gold....Chili, welcome back. Picked up right were you left off....excellent chop my friend. Bravo.
Thank you everyone , its good to be back ....
The truth is out there (and you didn't even need the X-files - ha). Congrats on the Gold.

Funny The Extraterrestrial Painting

The Extraterrestrial Painting
Source by William Bouguereau
Member reactions:
Very nice colourisation but the face is just a bit too sharp in comparison to the rest of the image. Also, a little more work is needed around the hands and where the dress meets the legs.
She looks out of this world - stunningly well done.
Thanks AZ... She has my eye color :/ (Haha) --- Another fine image you have here.

Funny GMC Extraterrestrial Truckster

GMC Extraterrestrial Truckster
It's from out of this world. source
Member reactions:
I thought that was one ugly looking vehicle until I saw the source ... it was even worse. Very nice work on the shrinkage. I know that the white area by the rear wheel is in the source image but that is the only thing I would critique on your work. Perhaps just a little darker in this area to cover the rear wheel on the far side.

Funny Extraterrestrial

We are being Watched
Member reactions:
It is good, but he doesnt look like he is actually looking at the UFO, more like the UFO is sneaking up on him, which is just fine. I would just change the title then. su
I agree with Jenn. May also change the light sources for the boy to make it coming from his back.

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